CarTaxi Plans To Use Blockchain To Disrupt Traditional Towing Companies

Disruptive startups have transformed almost every industry. Whether it’s AirBnB and the hotel industry, Uber and the Taxi industry, or Amazon and the Publishing industry, these startups have used technology to surpass entrenched competitors.

CarTaxi wants to use that same playbook for the traditional towing industry. Towing is a massive, global business but one which uses many old-school methods of business.

It’s also a market with no clear global leader. When you need a driver and car you might think Uber, but when you need a towing company what is your go-to app?

The answer is there isn’t currently one.

CarTaxi sees this as a big opportunity. And anyone who agrees will be able to support CarTaxi by participating in their current token sale.

The Advantages Of CarTaxi

When evaluating a token sale you need to look at whether it actually makes sense to use the blockchain and whether the company has advantages over existing businesses.

In the case of CarTaxi there are clear advantages to use the blockchain. Using the blockchain makes a big difference to the cost and speed of payments. It also provides a complete accurate record of transactions that have occurred.

The use of smart contracts also enables the system to work without requiring human intervention. This should make the CarTaxi platform faster and less prone to human error.

CarTaxi isn’t just relying on the blockchain to distinguish itself from competitors.

CarTaxi will be an app for your smartphone. This will allow it to use geolocation technology to make sure that you are always getting the towing truck which is nearest by.

The app will also make ordering a much more seamless process. No more needing to try and find the best towing solution.

Token Sale Details

The CarTaxi token sale will be in two parts there is a presale running from 30th August to 19th September 2017. During the presale 2.5% of the tokens will be offered at a discounted price.

The main token sale will run from 29th September to 29th October. This will be 97.5% of all the tokens offered.

Tokens will be priced during the token sale of 1CTX equals 0.000433 ETH.

The ICO funds will be held in escrow in a multi-signature wallet. All o the founders tokens will be non-transferrable for 5 months following the ICO through smart contract.

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