Gameflip’s Goal Is №1 Crypto Gaming Token — Here’s Why They Might Just Succeed

Gaming has been one of the hottest sectors for token sales in 2017. The reasons for this are clear — popular games have an existing audience and in-game purchase are already well established. Adding blockchain technology leverages these two factors.

Gameflip is new decentralised ecosystem which plays to both these advantages and is likely to be one of the hottest ICO’s leading up to Christmas.

What is Gameflip?

Gameflip is a VC backed company which has a manages a gaming digital goods marketplace. This successful marketplace already has millions of users. This marketplace is growing extremely fast and is already a leader in this segment.

Gameflip is introducing a new token called FLIP which will enable them to offer a new decentralised ecosystem.

Why Gamers Should Love FLIP

This new ecosystem aims to offer gamers with a completely new level when it comes to buying and selling digital goods. This will enable gamers to realise even greater value from the goods that they trade.

Blockchain technology will also provide an immutable record of ownership of digital goods and transactions that occur. This will significantly reduce incidences of fraud.

Benefits Of FLIP For Developers

Because gamers will be more richly rewarded under a FLIP ecosystem they will be naturally incentivised to trade more. Because of the higher resale value for digital goods they should choose to purchase more digital goods and at higher prices than in the current system. This willincrease monetisation opportunities for developers selling these digital goods.

Games publishers will also be able to capture commissions when digital goods are traded. Smart contracts will enable publishers to receive commissions automatically.

Special Incentives For Game Developers

The Gameflip team has identified developers and publishers as being the most important parties for ensuring acceptance FLIP as the pre-eminent token in the digital goods market.

In order to ensure that adoption occurs by publishers and developers they have developed a specific growth strategy.

Most importantly 40% of the total supply of FLIPs is being reserved for game publishers. Once FLIP is being used by the general public, these 40 million FLIP tokens will be released over time via sales that are conducted by Games Publishers.

A portion of the proceeds of these sales will be provided to the Games Publishers. However, these percentage will decrease over time. These will reward Games Publishers that choose to adopt FLIP early on.

FLIP Token Sale Key Facts

The token sale will begin with a pre-sale lasting from October 13th until October 20th 2017. There will be bonuses offered depending on the amount of FLIPs that are purchased during the pre-sale. This will vary from a 30% for purchases greater than 3 ETH up to a 70% bonus for purchases over 5,000ETH. The minimum purchase during the pre-sale will be 3ETH. With a total goal for the pre-sale of raising 3,000ETH.

The main token sale will last from November 1st until November 29th 2017. During the resale the minimum purchase size will be 0.1ETH with a goal for the token sale of 50,000 ETH.

During the token sale pricing for FLIP will be 1 FLIP is equal to 0.005 ETH. There will also be bonuses during the main token sale depending on when FLIP is purchased. From Nov 1st to 8th there will be a 20% bonus, from Nov 8th to 15th there will be a 15% bonus and from Nov 15th to Nov 22nd there will be a 10% bonus. Following the 22nd to the end of the token sale there will be no bonus.


FLIP is backed by a team that has proven that it knows how to create a market. FLIP benefits from a large existing Gameflip user base that it can leverage.

The FLIP also clearly believe that their will be first mover advantages to the gaming token that can get publishers on board. Incentivising early adoption is a clever strategic move. By reserving 40% of all tokens the FLIP team will have plenty of ammo to make sure that this is realised.

FLIP is clearly a strong contender for becoming THE digital gaming token.

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