An essential critical exchange approach

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Design is rightfully becoming a more and more essential part of modern software development. User-centric products are far more successful and build upon a foundation that supports success in the long term. While a comprehensive analysis of this development would deserve its own blog post or even PhD thesis, the brief summary would be as follows. While for a long time, it was easy to be the first mover with a new innovation, these days digital products become more and more individualised or have to compete with numerous others that attempt to solve the same or a similar problem. …

Eliminate this behavior at work. Here’s how!

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The reason why I decided to write about this topic is because I have come along with this certain kind of behaviour so often already, it’s almost ridiculous. I am pretty sure everybody has experienced it in some way or the other. It can be observed in private relationships where it’s usually just annoying, but sometimes also seriously harms relationships or friendships. But what I am going to focus on here is its occurrence in a professional environment. What I am talking about is a culture of postponing disappointments.

Briefly described its people taking the decision to lie or at…


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