What does art mean to me before i took the AESTHETICS class? What does it does art mean to me now?

Before I took the Aesthetics class, I view art as something done by someone using his/her creativity. When I see an object that looks creative enough, I see that object as an art. I had a vague understanding of art maybe even until now but I see art more than just being creative now. My professor has taught me that there are so many definition of art. People have different views of what art really is and it is like beauty, where beauty is subjective. It depends on the view of a person on how that person can connect to another person. Similar with art, there are different kinds of views that an art portrays but the most important thing is to understand what the artist is trying to portray. If the viewer loves a specific art, that means that viewer connects better of that specific art than the other viewers, that viewer can relate better with the artist of that specific art.

A professor of mine in Aesthetics gave us an activity wherein we choose a specific artwork and write down what we see in the artwork, what we understand about the artwork and what the artist is trying to show about the artwork. With these questions, it’s more of my understanding and what the artist is trying to let me understand of the artwork that keeps me interested of the artwork. It lets me see deeper of the meaning of the artwork more than just commenting of the design on how the artwork was done. It lets me see really what the artist is trying to show me for as long as I myself can understand the art itself. There are designs that are hard to understand especially the very simple looking ones but the very simple looking ones I believe are the ones with deep and more meaningful.

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