How to Backup Outlook 2011 for Mac

Outlook Mac E-Mail Backup Application

If you have wanted to know how to effectively backup outlook 2011 for mac, but you are not an expert at these things, then you are at the right place. This article guides you to how you can successfully backup your outlook mac without putting a lot of hard work or risk into it.

Email backing up is a process that has existed for long but has primarily remained out from the reach of a common user; this is because email backup has been considered to be a process which only an experienced user can do effectively. Partly due to the dangers of data loss or modification associated with mail backup, normal users chose not to muddle with it and leave it to the experts, but as email management developed and email migration entered the picture, users wanted to take it hands on.

How to Backup Outlook 2011 for Mac

Mac outlook users are largely migrating their emails from mac environment to other more open apps since mac outlook is a bit restricted in availability and accessibility, therefore they are employing email migration apps, but to make it more secure they wish to first make a backup of their emails if anything goes wrong while data migration. This is where the need to backup outlook mac mails comes in.

The choices are not many when it comes to affordable email backup tools for a common user. Therefore a solution has been anticipated. The Mail Backup X has appeared to be the solution so far.

The Mail Backup X

The Mail Backup X is an unsophisticated and easy to use outlook mac mail backup tool that is particularly devised for mac outlook users who do not have prior experience of backing up their outlook mac mail database.

The Mail Backup X accurately backs up your outlook 2011 for mac emails with the help of its futuristic features that allow you to gain expertise from step one. Some of the best things about the Mail Backup X are stated beneath.

  • You can set up the Mail Backup X for work in just a minute. The tool gets ready to go as soon as it is installed.
  • You can backup important email information from a number of clients including outlook mac, outlook 365 for mac, apple mail, thunderbird, postbox and other MBOX based clients.
  • The Mail Backup X offers an inbuilt email viewer that lets you view the contents within your email archives. This feature lets you review your older emails from your backup in your hard drive.
  • The Mail Backup X offers a lightning fast search feature through which you can search for data within your online or offline archives by entering specific item details like date, name of sender and the contents of the email. This feature is highly beneficial for users who want to selectively backup or convert their emails.
  • The Mail Backup X also works as an email conversion tool through which you can move your database to various clients after creating a backup.
  • The Mail Backup X offers an incredible advantage to its users as an opportunity to convert your email backup into PDF archives. This makes your email database, easily shareable and available to a wider platform for usage.

The Mail Backup X is the new and smart way to backup your outlook 2011 for mac. You can try the free demo version to see its performance and upgrade to the full version if it does. The full version offers free and friendly support along with free updates for an year.