Eric- I’m working on fixing it.
Jon Deng

Thanks Jon for looking into this. I don’t see any connection to HMR in my browser console. so when I make a change in a component nothing happens. I also see the following messages in Chrome browser

I get the following errors.

warning.js:36 Warning: It looks like you’re using a minified copy of the development build of React. When deploying React apps to production, make sure to use the production build which skips development warnings and is faster. See for more details.
e @ warning.js:36
warning.js:14 You are currently using minified code outside of NODE_ENV === ‘production’. This means that you are running a slower development build of Redux. You can use loose-envify ( for browserify or DefinePlugin for webpack ( to ensure you have the correct code for your production build.
n @ warning.js:14
http://localhost:8080/favicon.ico Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

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