How Much is a Mail Order Bride Cost in 2024?

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Alright, let’s break down this whole mail order bride thing for those of you guys out west scratching your heads about costs. I’ve rummaged through all the data to tell you what you might need to shell out in the pursuit of international love.

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Now, onto the best sites for this kind of dating scene. We’ve scoped out the ones that give you the biggest bang for your buck. They don’t chain you down with monthly fees — instead, they run on credits. You buy what you need, and hey, sometimes they’ll even throw in some free ones to get you started. Plus, verify your account and you might snag some sweet discounts. Below is a list of sites with the best prices:

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  2. SakuraDate — You have the opportunity to obtain 35 FREE credits at a reduced rate.
  3. La Date — Get 20 FREE credits for account creation.
  4. BravoDate — When you initially register for the site, you will receive 20 FREE credits.
  5. LatinaDate — For $19.99, you can acquire 50 credits.
  6. TheLuckyDate — Take advantage of the trial period to receive 2,000 credits for testing the site’s features.
  7. EasternHoneys — Receive 20 FREE credits to try out the platform.

How Much Do Mail Order Bride Sites Cost? — Prices & Bonuses

Mail order bride sites, whether with a credit system or monthly subscription, often have similar services they charge for. Thus, your mail order brides cost will include:

  1. Standard communication methods. These are interactions via text, phone calls, or video chat. Video chats and phone calls are usually more expensive than text messages and letters (which is another text type of communication on mail order bride services).
  2. Additional communication tools. Mail order bride pricing on dating sites doesn’t go without alternative interaction methods, such as winking and liking profiles (although websites often make this feature free), sending stickers and media in chat. It’s worth saying that some dating websites implement trendy disappearing messages (videos or texts) and charge a bit higher for them than for average messages.
  3. Profile browsing. Well, actually, browsing profiles is free almost on all dating sites, but you should not forget that mail order brides pricing includes watching paid content on other profiles. For example, ladies may post hot private pictures, which you can see only after paying for them. Also, some international dating sites provide introductory videos of members to watch, which let you “feel” a person and see if they fit your vibrations. Add this feature to your mail order bride price list as well.
  4. Gifts. No mail order wife cost goes without virtual/real gift delivery! This is a special feature on dating sites, which lets you choose a virtual or real gift and send it to your favorite lady on the platform. The gift price for your mail order bride depends on your generosity and financial possibilities. Thus, some presents cost $5, while others $100+.
  5. Extra features. Mail order wife services often provide features, which, maybe not that important for communication, but helpful in ladies’ search. For example, your website may offer to get a profile visibility upgrade, which puts your profile higher on search results, or see who visited your profile to learn what ladies got interested in you and try your luck with them.
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Let’s look at the most popular paid services and their average price on such popular international dating services as SofiaDate, SakuraDate, LaDate, and TheLuckyDate.


  • Live chat — 2 credits per minute
  • Videos — 50 credits per video
  • Photos — 10 credits per photo
  • Mails — 10 credits per 1 mail
  • Real-life date request — 625 credits
  • Personal contact details request — free after you spend 3,000 credits on the platform


  • Live chat — 2 credits per minute
  • Mails — 10 credits per 1 mail
  • The “Say Hello” feature — 2 credits
  • Winks — 2 credits per wink
  • Stickers — 5 credits per sticker
  • Photos — 10 credits per photo
  • Send or listen to an audio message — 15 credits
  • Send or receive a video message — 25 credits


  • Live chat — 2 credits per minute
  • Mails — 30 credits per 1 mail
  • Photos — 10 credits per photo
  • Videos — 50 credits per video
  • Real-life date request — 625 credits
  • Personal contact details request — free after you spend 3,000 credits on the platform


  • Live chat — 200 credits per minute
  • File attachment — 1,000 credits per file
  • Stickers — from 500 credits per sticker
  • Watching profile videos — 2,500 credits

So, what does it typically cost to get a mail order bride?

Here’s a breakdown of the main expenses:

  • Online dating services: On average, around $1,300 for a year.
  • Travel: Approximately $4,000 for two two-week trips to a reasonably priced country.
  • Visa: About $1,200 for a K-1 visa, excluding additional status adjustment applications.
  • Additional expenses: Around $1,500 for minor gifts and flowers.

The average total for mail order brides is around $8,000. Nonetheless, costs can vary significantly. Seeking the “cheapest mail order bride” might lower the price to $5,000 or less, while others might spend upwards of $20,000. Ultimately, the cost of mail order brides hinges on the decisions you make.

Mail Order Bride Cost by Regions

Mail Order Bride Cost by Regions
Mail Order Bride Cost by Regions

This list provides the average costs for a mail order bride by country, allowing you to assess potential expenses and avoid unexpected costs in the future. Remember, you can refine these costs by choosing economical ticket options or dining at more modest restaurants. Feel free to adjust your budget accordingly.

🌎 The Average Cost of an Asian Bride

Asian mail order brides typically come from such countries as China, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines, where each has different pricing for accommodation, food, and entertainment, as you can see below. Is such a mail-order bride cheap, in general?

Our experts calculated that it can cost around $9,000-$10,000 on dating sites and trips to get a beautiful and family-oriented Asian mail order bride.

  • Japan 🇯🇵: Round trip — $1,500; Hotel per night — $200-$500; Meals for two per day — $100-$150; Entertainment per day — $70-$150
  • Thailand 🇹🇭: Round trip — $1,000; Hotel per night — $75-$250; Meals for two per day — $50; Entertainment per day — $60
  • China 🇨🇳: Round trip — $1,250; Hotel per night — $75-$200; Meals for two per day — $25-$150; Entertainment per day — $70-$200
  • Vietnam 🇻🇳: Round trip — $750-$1,000; Hotel per night — $50-$100; Meals for two per day — $50; Entertainment per day — $50

Additional Costs:

You should not forget that even if you find free dating websites for meeting Asian brides and thus save up some money, you still can face additional expenses, such as:

  • Live translation services: you may find it hard to communicate with an Asian girl on your trip and need a translator whose fees can rate from $15 to $40/hour.
  • Visa: when you decide to marry your Asian lady and bring her to the US, you will have to pay for her visa, which can reach more than $2,000.

🌎 The Average Cost of Latin Bride

The Latin mail order brides are known for their passion and strong family values. But partnering with these mesmerizing females is not free. How much are mail order brides from Latin countries, then? — Mail bride cost with trip and website usage will be equal to $8,000-$9,000.

  • Colombia 🇨🇴: Round trip — $750; Hotel per night — $100-$200; Meals for two per day — $25-$75; Entertainment per day — $50
  • Brazil 🇧🇷: Round trip — $950; Hotel per night — $150; Meals for two per day — $30-$60; Entertainment per day — $50-$100
  • Dominican Republic 🇩🇴: Round trip — $800; Hotel per night — $50-$250; Meals for two per day — $50; Entertainment per day — $60
  • Mexico 🇲🇽: Round trip — $250-$750; Hotel per night — $50-$100; Meals for two per day — $50; Entertainment per day — $70

Additional Costs:

Never forget about such factors as additional costs, for example:

  • Visa fees: which can be $2,000, if you decide to bring your Latin woman to your homeland.
  • Translation services: $15-$40 per hour — however, many ladies in Latin American countries speak Spanish, and if you know this language, too, you can avoid these expenses.
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🌎 The Average Cost of Slavic Bride

Slavic mail order brides are the most popular mail order wife options among Western guys. They attract men with their femininity, traditional views, and exceptional beauty routine.

Getting a Slavic bride can cost you around $6,000-$9,000, which includes the two-week trip to a country and using dating sites for at least 6 months for partnering with these females.

  • Ukraine 🇺🇦: Round trip — $500a -$750; Hotel per night — $50-$300; Meals for two per day — $50; Entertainment per day — $50-$140
  • Russia 🇷🇺: Round trip — $700-$1,000; Hotel per night — $50-$400; Meals for two per day — $50; Entertainment per day — $50-$120
  • Poland 🇵🇱: Round trip — $600-$850; Hotel per night — $80-$500; Meals for two per day — $60; Entertainment per day — $70-$150
  • Romania 🇷🇴: Round trip — $600-$850; Hotel per night — $50-$400; Meals for two per day — $60; Entertainment per day — $60-$100

Additional Costs:

These expenses may follow additional fees, such as a visa cost of around $2,000 (if you decide to bring your woman to your country) and translational services, which can reach around $40 (in case you don’t know the language of your Slavic lady). Additionally, consider prices for gifts for Eastern European women — these girls like presents very much!

🌎 The Average Cost of European Mail Order Bride

European ladies have exceptional beauty and progressive worldviews, which make the investment into online dating with them worth your effort! How much is a mail order spouse from Europe? The general pricing for the mail order bride expenses, both offline and online, are similar to Asian ones — $9,000-$10,000. However, as it often happens, the cost might be higher if you use dating sites for a long time or decide to take a lengthy trip to Europe to meet your pretty mail bride.

  • France 🇫🇷: Round trip — $700-$1000; Hotel per night — $100-$500; Meals for two per day — $200; Entertainment per day — $100-$200
  • Norway 🇳🇴: Round trip — $700-$1,000; Hotel per night — $120-$400; Meals for two per day — $100-$150; Entertainment per day — $150-$220
  • Spain 🇪🇸: Round trip — $700-$950; Hotel per night — $80-$300; Meals for two per day — $70; Entertainment per day — $80-$150
  • Germany 🇩🇪: Round trip — $700-$950; Hotel per night — $100-$400; Meals for two per day — $100; Entertainment per day — $60-$100

Additional Costs:

It goes without saying that your final mail order brides price will also include other expenses:

  • Visa: around $2,000 for bringing your foreign bride to the States.
  • Translation services: $15-$40/per hour, but you will probably omit these expenses because European mail order wives usually know English on a very good level.
Mail Bride costs
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Factors That Influence Mail Order Bride Cost:

It’s obvious that the prices we mentioned above are approximate since there are a lot of factors that influence the final mail in bride cost.

The first and most important factor is the country you choose. Countries within one region can have different economic levels and thus different cost of living. For example, Ukraine will have lower pricing for hotels, food, and entertainment, compared to the Czech Republic.

Secondly, we usually mention general pricing for a one or two week stay in a foreign country. However, when having resources, you can stay there for a month or more, especially if you are in a country for work or study purposes.

It’s worth admitting that your generosity on gifts for your lady also defines the final price. You may choose affordable presents or opt for more luxurious ones to impress your mail order bride.

We can also add the price for extra services you will want to use when partnering with girls on dating sites. For example, some websites provide romance tours for couples on the sites.

Aspects included in the mail order brides cost

mail order bride cost
Average mail order bride cost

When you’re trying to figure out how much your international love is gonna cost, here’s what counts:

  • Her country: Yep, location is everything. Eastern European sweethearts might be less of a hit on your wallet than those from Latin countries. But remember, your plane ticket there might up the ante.
  • High roller or budget-friendly?: How much do you wanna impress her? It’s cool to splash out on your girl, but remember, it’s totally your call on how swanky you go with gifts and dates.
  • Choosing the right stage: The dating platform you pick is a game-changer for your budget. Free sites might leave you vulnerable, while premium ones are an investment in smooth sailing to find your bride.
  • Her taste: Is she into the finer things in life? If yes, brace your bank account. If you’re not keen on spending a small fortune, best to know her expectations upfront.
  • Wedding bells and paperwork: Found the one and she’s up for moving? There’s the visa and all her travel costs to think about. And if you want a big wedding, that’s another heap of cash. Plus, don’t forget about the legal stuff after — “I do.”

In general, online dating sites are a small financial puddle compared to the ocean of expenses that is traditional dating. You pay for their services, sure, but it’s the face-to-face stuff that’ll really have you reaching for your wallet.

Can You Save Money While Meeting Mail Order Brides?

Although dating sites investments are inevitable, still you can save up your money when chatting with European, Latin, or Russian mail order brides, or any other ladies on romance platforms. Here are some hacks:

  • Firstly, never miss the chance of benefiting from introductory deals. Often, websites with foreign mail order brides provide free or discounted credit packages to its new users, which you can use to test some of the paid features on the platform. Also, the best international dating sites can offer seasonal or special occasions discounts, which can lower the average cost of mail order bride.
  • Speaking of credit packages (if it’s a credit system your online dating site provides): the bigger packages you order, the bigger discounts you receive with them. For example, SofiaDate 50-credit package costs $19, and, logically, a 100-credit package should cost $38, but it costs $33. You could spend 50 credits and then want to order another package, spending more than if you’d order a bigger package.
  • Needless to say that mail order bride prices include the communication with ladies on sites. But what if you spend money on credits and introductory messages, but it turns out a woman is not interested in you and doesn’t reply back? Here is a lifehack: when you see a lady, but not sure if she’s willing to talk to you, you can send a wink or like to her profile — these features are usually free or low cost and can be covered with introductory credit packages. If a potential mail order bride sends a wink or like back, it’s a good sign — she’s interested in communication!

Is it really possible to “buy” a wife?

Let’s set the record straight: You can’t just open your wallet and get a wife. It’s not about buying someone — come on, it’s the 21st century! It’s about looking for love online, and everyone involved is there by choice, looking for their own happily ever after. It’s not about “buying” her; it’s the cash you dish out to meet her, woo her, and get her to your home turf to start a life together.

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Is online dating cheaper?

Let’s talk dollars and sense — is it cheaper to play the online dating game or to do the traditional dating dance? Here’s the scoop: an average Joe in the US might drop about 168 bucks a month on dates. That’s nearly two grand a year.

But hey, how you find your match is your call. You could jet-set off to some exotic locale and try your luck, but there’s no surefire win — you might as well be searching for a needle in a global haystack.

Starting with a mail order bride online is pretty slick because it gives you a head start with your preferred specs. And these dating sites? They’ve got all the bells and whistles to make sparks fly — sometimes even with translation services so you and your international flame can chat without a language barrier getting in the way.

Now, if you’re humming and hawing about paying for credits on a dating site, just remember that the premium stuff usually gives you more ways to connect. Think of it like getting VIP access to the dating world. You can chat more, get closer, and really get the feels going with all the extra features. The total cost? It hinges on how much you use the site and whether you’re sending out those little digital winks or going all-in with gifts and messages.

Worried about taking the plunge? Most sites let you dip your toes in the water with discounts on your first purchase. You can give it a whirl, no strings attached, and see if cupid’s digital arrow hits its mark.

So, is snagging a mail order bride online worth it? A hundred times yes. But what’s the price tag on finding your forever plus one? Let’s dive in and see what your future romance might tally up to.

Offline dating cost

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of meeting your mail order sweetheart in real life. If you’re seriously thinking of getting her over to the US on a fiancée visa, you gotta meet face-to-face first. So, what’s the damage to your wallet gonna be? Let’s break it down:

  • Visa costs can vary, but set aside about 100 to 250 bucks (pro tip: always check the entry rules for her home country).
  • Plane tickets are the big one — depending on where you both live and whether you’re flying coach or first class, you’re looking anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple of grand.
  • Hotels or wherever you crash will also hit your budget — think a few hundred a week or month, depending on how fancy the place is.
  • Dates are where you can go wild or keep it cozy. Are we talking a burger and fries or champagne and caviar?

Adding it all up, a single trip to see your potential bride can set you back about $500 to even $5,000.

Mail Order Bride cost
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Scams to Avoid and Tips for Saving Money on Mail Order Bride Cost

Unfortunately, mail order brides sites are no exception when it comes to scam. There are many fraudulent personas who use people’s feelings to get their money or exploit their personal information. Let’s look at the most popular scams on mail order bride sites and ways to detect them.

Just Fake Profiles

First thing to mention is that some people register to mail order bride websites for trolling or exploring the platform. They may write to you, ask several questions, and that’s it. These “scammers” are not harmful but it’s not very pleasant to waste your time, obviously.

How to identify? Usually, they write random information on their profile, provide scarcely any info, and are not active on the site, being rarely online or posting anything.


According to Australia’s independent regulator for online safety, catfishing is when someone creates a fake online persona to lure individuals into a relationship and then use this info to deceive their victims, for example, blackmail.

How to identify? Catfishers’ look too good to be real, are interested in the same things as you, often love bomb their victims in first stages of communication, try to move you to another chatting platform which would reveal your phone number, and aggressively encourage you to share secrets with you.

Romance Scam

Romance scammers are quite similar to catfishers, but they are a bit “kinder” — their main purpose is not to harass or blackmail you, but just steal your money.

How to identify? Federal Bureau of Investigation explains that these people try to establish trust with their victims as quickly as possible, resorting to love bombing or manipulations, like catfishers; they always have something that prevents them from having a video chat or real meeting with you; romance scammers fabricate stories about needing money for emergencies and show high interest to your banking info.

There are also malware scams — when scammers trick their victims into downloading malware onto their devices through links; phishing scam — when they send messages pretending to be from the dating site itself and requesting personal information; and scammers who try to sell you investment schemes and packages.

The recent data for 2022 from the Federal Trade Commission shows that there were nearly 70,000 victims of scam on dating sites. If you don’t want to enlarge this number by your example, follow this safety tips:

  • Carefully examine the profile of a potential mail order bride (focus on their picture firstly to see whether it looks real and not stolen)
  • Never share info about your wealth online because you can become a target of scammers
  • Beware when they forget information they tell about themselves and ask too many questions about you, including your income
  • Beware when they don’t want to have a video chat or exchange
  • Never send money
  • Don’t follow suspicious links

So, the big question: How much does a mail order bride cost?

If you’re thinking of shopping for love, remember, you can’t really buy a spouse, but you can invest in your future happiness. The total cost depends on lots of stuff, like the dating service fees, what kind of lady you’re into, her country and culture, and how often you want to visit her before you pop the question.

On the whole, your love quest can run you an average of $12K to a whopping $35K.


Can I expect fluctuations in pricing over time on online dating sites?

Our experience shows that mail order brides prices on romance platforms often remain the same for a long period of time. They might change a little, but the price won’t be shocking to your budget.

What is more profitable — a monthly subscription or credit-based subscription to a mail order bride agency?

It depends on what you seek on dating platforms. For example, if you want to test the site’s specific features for a short period of time, better opt for credit-based services because you will avoid overpaying for the stuff you don’t need, unlike with monthly subscription. However, monthly subscription is convenient because it doesn’t require constantly adding funds to your credit account.

What payment methods are accepted for online dating subscriptions?

Mail order bride sites often accept PayPal, credit and debit card transactions for paying for their services.



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