Making the Most of Product Hunt

The complete guide by Mailburn

Over the past months, Product Hunt has become ultimate platform to launch new projects and startups. Every day, several dozens of new products are submitted for others to upvote. Many journalists, investors and technology evangelists continuously monitor Product Hunt to find the next big thing.

12 actions to take before the launch

1. Make sure your product is not shit

Seriously. Many startups create unnecessary things. Even if you have prepared well and made a decent PR job, you will not be able to achieve good results, as long as nobody is in need of your product.

2. Create a checklist

No product launch is made without a schedule. Make a list for your team that includes tasks to be made. Distribute the tasks between teammates, follow the checklist daily and avoid throwing off the schedule. Schedule the launch time beforehand and follow it to the minute. Well scheduled work provides noticeable results.

3. Have a clear and good looking landing page

If you don’t have a good landing page, you can lose half of your users. If the launch is a success, your website will get 1–20 thousand visitors a day. And be sure they will be pushing all the buttons and links on it.

  1. Sharp and short texts.
  2. CTA button with high conversion. Our landing page top button has 9% conversion rate, while at launch time it spiked up to 14%.
  3. Top bar informing about your launch on Product Hunt. Many visitors will come to your website from mass media. This means you have to direct them to Product Hunt, so that they upvote your product. Such a bar can be made using Hellobar or Introbar.
We created bright top bar with a simple link to PH
Use ?ref=producthunt for that

4. Gather a big waiting list

Typical BetaList page

5. Up your Twitter and Facebook profiles

Only users registered on Twitter have the right to upvote on Product Hunt, thus give a special priority to this social network. Your Twitter profile should no way be empty.

  1. Profile information includes relevant hashtags and link that goes to your landing page.
  2. 500+ followers. If you can’t get them by yourself, buy 500 followers on fiverr, it only costs $5. These are bots, but it doesn’t really matter, as you need a number different from zero.
  3. At least 20 relevant tweets during the past 1–2 months.

6. Up Twitter profiles of all teammates

If nothing else, at least upload profile pictures and add your teammates to the Product Hunt thread.

7. Have a lot of friends

But don’t ask them to upvote you, it’s against the rules ;).

8. Find a top hunter who will hunt you

You can always hunt your own product, but results will be much better if you get hunted by someone else. The point is each Product Hunt user has followers; when hunter presents a new product, all the followers receive an email with the link to it. For example, Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt, has 16 thousand followers.

9. Write texts to be posted during launch

Prepare the following material:

  1. Short posts on Facebook for you and your teammates informing that you are now featured on Product Hunt.
  2. Posts for relevant Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit (/r/entrepreneur) and Slack, post on HackerNews.
  3. Newsletter to engaged users from your waiting list.
  4. Newsletter to the rest of users from your waiting list.

10. Set up analytics and support

Make sure you have Google Analytics set up with goals, analytics in application is set, and you have ticket system ready. Users will want to be in communication with you, so do not ignore them. As for us, we use Google Analytics, Localytics, Helpshift and Mixpanel for Mailburn.

11. Make sure everything works well

No kidding, test everything two more times. Even three times.

Launch day

Let’s decide upon a launch time right away.

The best time to launch is
12:10 AM San Francisco Time

In this way you will span the whole calendar day on Product Hunt and will receive the maximum amount of upvotes.

After the launch

Go to bed. Next day you will dive into tons of information, so you need fresh mind to estimate the scale of success (or failure).

Stats and results of Mailburn launch

  • We were #1 half of day on Product Hunt and finished in top 3.
  • We hit weekly and monthly top products.
  • 504 upvotes, 44 comments on PH
  • 10,000 website page views during launch (24 hours).
  • 5,000 installs.
  • 28 publications in mass media.
  • 512 tweets and more than 100 new followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook.

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