Chicco OHlala Baby Stroller — Incredibly Sturdy and Surprisingly Light!

It’s evidently an overwhelming feeling, but buying the right baby stroller for your baby can be the most complicated and daunting task. From checking the size of the stroller to the features it’s adorned with, each and every aspect must be studied.

If you’re a new mom and buying a baby stroller for the first time, opt for Chicco’s OHlala Stroller. A one-of-its-kind stroller, it’s incredibly sturdy, surprisingly light and among the latest baby strollers in the market. It’s also a stroller that matches your lifestyle, and personal preference.

The Lightest Ever

Most strollers available in the market or online today are heavy in weight and require efforts in carrying around. Such is not the case with Chicco’s OHlala baby Stroller. Weighting only 3.8 kgs, it is so light that you can easily lift it with only one finger.

Easy to Drive

More than anything, it’s highly convenient to drive the stroller around with. The joint handle makes it easily manoeuvrable using one hand only. What else could you ask for!

Compact in Nature

If you’ve already dealt with a stroller before, you’ll probably know how difficult it is to pack them up and carry around. OHlala Stroller offers an advantage here. In addition to being light weight, it’s also highly convenient to fold with one hand in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, its self-standing feature when folded is yet another allure.

Homologated from Birth

A fully reclining stroller with a multi-positioning backrest, it’s highly adjustable in nature and makes for a perfect space for every occasion. OHlala promises the baby a sound sleep even when you’re on-the-go.

Baby Comfy

Featuring wide seats, padded crotch and shoulder straps, and a fabric that’s soft, OHlala Stroller by Chicco promises utmost comfort and convenience to the baby. Most strollers and prams available online claim to offer utmost convenience, but it’s only Chicco which as gained the title of being the most trusted brand in the stroller segment.

Rain Cover

Besides a full use stroller, most of us parents look for more add-on features. OHlala Baby Stroller by Chicco satisfies this need too! The stroller comes equipped with a practical rain cover for times when the weather is bad and you can’t avoid being out-and-about with your little one.

The range of Chicco baby strollers in India is extensive. The brand offers a wide range of first and second strollers, along with other product lines like nursing, cosmetics, toys, baby travel, apparels and shoes. Chicco is a one-stop-destination for all your baby care needs.

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