Advantages Of Having Your Own Franking Machine

The name “Franking machine” is derived from the name of the stamping process which is also referred to as franking. These franking machines play a very important role in firms that send high volumes of mail on a daily basis. If a company needs to send out monthly invoices, cards and mail for direct marketing on regular basis it will definitely benefit from buying a franking tool, as it allows the affixing of stamps easily and fast.

There are end numbers of options available in the market if a company wishes to take advantage by franking their own mail. There are renting or leasing options too but sometimes preferring to buy your own franking tool is of much use. Some of the uses are:

  • Price Assurance

When getting a franking machine in rent, you can never be sure about the expenses it may bring, it clearly depends upon how old the machine might be. On the other hand, when you buy franking machines up front, you can be sure that there will be no other hidden repairing expenses. As long as the model you buy is reliable, you can save an amount of money in the long run.

  • Avoids Restrictions

Many franking machines for rent come up with so many restrictions. That’s because the suppliers tend to be quite protective of their machine, which is quite understandable.

  • No Contracts

Renting a machine will end up tied to a contract which can be a very unwelcoming scenario. Some of the small printed instructions in these contracts can be very restrictive.

  • Business Advantages

The larger the company, more money can be saved by franking your own mail. Of course, the prices of the machine will vary depending on the preferred size and model. While some machines can cost a small fortune, the small business models are generally reasonable for most business.

  • Money Saving Advantages

Renting or buying a franking machine can save your business money depending upon the mail items you send per day, the bigger the savings you will see. In this way, the money that can be saved by franking for large companies can be huge.

The benefit of buying a franking machines are endless. When you don’t have to pay any hidden charges and have the complete control on working in the machine, it can offer a peace of mind for companies that need to manage all their outgoings at the start of the month, enabling them to run their mailroom as they see it.