For Immediate Release:

Memory Chip®’s Latest Update Enables Natural Neurotransmitter Release: Promises to Help Mood Mimicry Drug Addicts

LOS ANGELES, OUTER US — March 23, 2042 — Do you recall the joy and peace you felt playing on the beach, admiring the singing birds and deep blue skies prior to the 2018 US/China Environmental Sanction Lift? How about the pre-curfew evenings hanging out with friends and family on the porch, just enjoying a cool, safe night? Now you can relive those moments as though they are actually happening. Introducing the new and improved Memory Chip® Neurotransmitter Refeel System™.

Unfortunately, it is all too common to have several friends and family members addicted to one of the hundreds of Mood Mimicry Drugs (MoMiDs) flooding the market. Last year alone 2.2 million OUS Residents were registered as MoMiD addicts and over 650 thousand people overdosed on them, yet they are still the mostly commonly prescribed remedy for those with Post War Depression Syndrome (PWDS). Though MoMiDs synthesize positive feelings through faux neurotransmitter release amplification, they cause addiction and damage to the body’s ability to naturally generate these feelings. In fact, prolonged use of MoMiDs results in increased depression and MoMiD dosages are often elevated in order to feel even a small amount of happiness.

Unlike MoMiDs, the all new patented Memory Chip® Neurotransmitter Refeel System™ promises no side effects. The Neurotransmitter Refeel System™ is able to recall all positive memory events tagged with significantly higher neurotransmitter activity and stimulate the brain to produce the exact feeling of these moments in conjunction with the standard visual memory recall. As with Memory Chip® First Edition, the Neurotransmitter Refeel System™ reviews these internal memory storage bank events, but now the ACTUAL FEELINGS experienced in those memory recalls are activated and felt in real time, creating a truly natural experience.

A few years ago, the average Outer US Resident confessed to feeling sadness and/or loneliness as a direct result of the Overreaching Disconnection of 2031. Many fell into a deep depression, separated from their virtual contacts. Remembering systems lacking external backups were wiped out, billions of gigabytes of cloud data was unsalvageable, and one in ten virtual relationships was permanently lost. Though the temporary blockage of flashbacks from this time is perfectly sound with the Memory Chip® Blocker add-on, why not choose to actually FEEL the happiness you experienced before the Disconnection, or even WWIII?

For a large segment of the population, memories containing true positive emotions are not accessible from their own personal databank. So many young children are suffering from mood instability with only recycled memories for distraction. Were your memories wiped in the Overreaching Disconnection? Lack of happy memories is no longer an issue with the Neurotransmitter Refeel System™’s Positive Emotion Packages. Experience the feeling of positive emotions through one of our many PEPs, available now in joy, happiness, love, serenity, gratitude, inspiration, or hope. Not sure what kind of PEP you need? Visit our virtual store to test run many of our PEP mini-memory downloads instantly.

Already released to wide success across Europe, the Memory Chip® Neurotransmitter Refeel System™ has finally been made available in the Outer US states. Memory Chip® upgrades are available beginning today. Are you one of the thousands still living without a Memory Chip® implant? Join the virtual queue in the next eight hours, and receive an additional 50 GBs, or 5 PEPs included free with your first Memory Chip® implantation. Upgrades and implantations are simple and easily administered by your personal IT person, independent holistic-tech healing center, or wherever Memory Chip® products are exhibited.


Lykke Minde
Memory Chip® Outer US, Inc.