10 indicators of the “Mindset” problem

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The problem is your mindset. You have to change the way you think. Your attitude is the problem. Attitude is better than aptitude. And so, you keep hearing it. All the time. How come answer to every problem can be “the way you see the world”? Its your mindset. You are told. Is it really as powerful as it is made out to be? If it is , then what is the right way to see the world? Because, it seems like your mindset could have tremendous impact on your life and others. Its like if you get this one thing right, then you are on on path to success. Low IQ. No problem. Can’t understand what you are doing, no problem. Don’t not have the capability or skills to pursue your dream, no problem. Fix your attitude and everything will be fine.

This is definitely an oversimplification, of course, there are other things that impact the outcome of our actions. But “the mindset” is the one big decider of your life, is the subject of the book on the same name by Carol Dweck. According to Carol there are two sets of mindsets, fixed and growth. People with fixed mindsets think that you are born with abilities and you can not do much to improve it while the people with growth mindsets believe in learning and improvement to being smart. Carol goes on to discuss how this mindset impacts everything from the way you behave to your reactions to failures with examples from public life.

How do you know if you have the right mindset? And is it simple as in we have one mindset or is it layered as in we have different mindsets in different areas of our life? My own experience and the one similar to what the author explains is that its a mixed bag. I have been fixed and growth mindset person at different parts of my life. But, over a period of time, I have found myself more productive and more progressing towards my goals when am in the growth mindset, as the author contends in the book.

What then are the indicators that you might be having the fixed mindset, which might be preventing you from achieving your potential? Below are some I have encountered.

1. You extrapolate your failure at an instance to your ability and your identity as a person — Your failure on a particular instance is the result of your actions and in no way has to impact your identity as person. You learn from your failures and grow. In fact many of people with growth mindset will not even identify it as failure as their whole aim was to learn and understand in the first place.

2. You are afraid to make attempts because the outcome could undermine your confidence — Your confidence is your biggest asset and that is under threat because if you fail, it is because of you and that would damage your ability to do anything more. So your rather not try anything.

3. Your priority changes from acting on your interest and passion to being successful.

4. Because being successful matters more, you start copying ideas and people that are successful.

5. Because you want success so bad, you eliminate almost all actions you can do because it does not seem like “anything will work”. You come up with reasons on why something won’t work as against finding ways to making it work.

6. You read 12 traits of successful people. Your read all the short cuts and hacks possible. But you can’t find yourself to emulate any of those or able to progress much.

7. You do not act on things even when you are so sure of because there is no external approval.

8. You are more worried about being qualified in your field than to master and excel.Your actions are focused on looking good in front of others vs trying to create value. You feel you have to prove your worthy to be part of something. Validation from your peers or above is more important than any progress you make by yourself.

9. Every situation is a test of your capabilities. The outcome is very important for your personal success. Everything in your life impacts your self esteem.

10. Your focus is more on the problems you have than on what actions need to be taken to achieve your goals.

11. And the most important of all, You start hating something you used to love.

What are your indicators of mindset that was prohibitive? How you got out of it? Leave a response, tell your story.

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