A Beautiful mind

Some people speak beautifully. Like 90% of the things they say is beautiful. And useful. 90% of what 90% people talk is crap. Its the 80–20 principle all over, again.

What causes few of us to speak words of wisdom all the time? What causes them to tell really amazing things, things that helps us all, things that changes us?

A thought is a beautiful thing. Its always a continuity. There is no single lonely thought. There is something before it and something after. Something that precedes and succeeds. What you thinking right now, is just a part of bunch of things you have been thinking for some time now.

You get up in the morning. You start from where you left the day before, where you left last night. Have you noticed how current events have always given more priority than past or future? How you keep focusing on one small irritation of now against the big important stuff of the future?

Defensive thinking. Negative thinking. Optimism. Futuristic thinking. Regrets. Its all a continuity. And they stay in the head. Like your head is a warehouse and you keep filling it with all these things. Useful and useless.

The more truthful things you put in, the more truthful things it begets. The more things you get from your pain and nakedness and raw self, the more beautiful the thoughts are. They are not perfect, but they have their own beauty. They are unique and beautiful.

The world is full of make up. Full of beautification. Things that beautify you to make you more presentable. Things that make you more un-crude.We keep clothing our thoughts because we are some times ashamed of what others will think. We are ashamed and we don’t want to look different.

Fill your mind with thoughts you like to have. Fill it with subjects, concepts that expands your mind. Fill it with ideas that keeps you on an eternal journey of value creation. Fill it with knowledge and wisdom that are true. Fill it with seeds of inspiration, liberation and transcendence. Keep filling the soil of your head with search for knowledge, truth. And see these seeds grow into trees. Trees that will provide your fruits of wisdom. Trees that will make a beautiful mind.

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