A letter to work

Dear Work.

Let’s talk. No distractions this time. Only you and me. In one closed room. No deadlines in between, no targets in between. No fear of boss or lack of time. No worrying about goals not achieved, anymore. No bothering on being on time at work or spending long hours at my cubicle.

Plain old, simple, honest conversation between you and me. Conversation where it pains, hurts, where I feel vulnerable, where I feel conflicted. Where I feel constricted, where I feel torn apart. Let’s go back to basics, and keep it that simple between you and me.

Only thing am looking back in return from you — just teach me. Teach me to be humble, teach me to see things I have never seen. Make me learn again and again why first principles matter. Make me look at the edges and beyond it. Make me care about how you will look, how you will feel in the hands of people who will consume you. Make me give attention to every detail of you. Make me obsessed about the essence of why you and me are here in the first place.

I promise you nothing will come in between you and me. You are my work. But you work on me all the time. Am your work like you are mine. I am as much shaped by you, as you are shaped by me. We have each other’s impression on us all the time. We have changed each other for ever.

Expectations. Requirements. Targets. Goals. Deadlines. These all come second to you, I promise. These all come only after we have our daily conversations. Only after we make that change, together. Only when we have changed the way some one thinks and acts. And when that’s done, and only when that’s done, I will bid goodbye to you.

Till then, lets keep talking.