Are you doing everything you can?

When things are not going like you want, how can you still act like business as usual? How can you still stay in your comfort zone? How can you still believe that what you did last week is good enough? Why you think your current intensity is okay ? How can you believe that doing what you were doing till now is going to take you closer to your goals?

When you are not able to get that break, how can you rest? How can you see that movie on Mohammed Ali? You are yet to get a chance, but you still don’t have the inspiration? You need a movie to inspire you, get the hell out of here. You do or do not have the fire in you. And when you have the fire in you, its under your ass.

What differently you can do this week? What more ? You wrote 10 articles last week. What about writing 100 this week? You reached to 10 customers last week. Reach out to 1000 this week. You created 10 videos so far, create 50 videos only this week. Does what you doing look like you are struggling? List down all you are going to do this week. And ask a random person - Does this work look like what some one who’s struggling do in a week?

How can you go to the edges? How can you move to the dark alleys? Don’t tell me you are hustling if you are seeing a fucking movie in the middle of the day. Or having a party on a Saturday night. Or on a Friday night. Or ever. What are you trying new? How are you taking your work to dangerous places? To places where you are shit scared to go? If you aren’t shit scared you are not doing it real.

What can be done this week? What more? What if done, will make last week look bad? What if done would put the yesterday of your to shame? Your real struggle shows up in your work. In your creations. In your output.

Don’t get stuck with lifeless actions. Writings that look perfect. Podcasts that sound professional. Videos with no mistakes. Businesses that have no problems. Don’t get stuck with how something has to be done. Or how it should look. Move out. Move out of that space. Move from plains to hill tops. Move to the highest point of a mountain and stay there. Real value comes from life. From creations full of life and pain. It doesn’t come from safe. It doesn’t come from template titles and template content. Real connect doesn’t happen on quick fix life hacks. Real connect doesn’t happen over a cup of coffee. It happens from your pain. You bleed and you use it as the ink to write.

If you don’t look like you are struggling, you are not. What are the stupid lies and shit you are selling yourself? How dangerous are you getting? How dangerous are you getting to get your creations up? You should feel so dangerous you cannot sleep. You think you are doing enough? Think again, and again, till you know you are not.

Chase the pain, go behind the feeling of pain. The shame. The feeling of putrid. That’s what you should go behind.

No excuses. No easy way out. No comfort zone. No comfort questions. Keep reaching out. Bother people. Get things done. And keep repeating it until you cannot. And then you start doing it all again.

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