Least thing you can do for yourself

You get a thought that blows your mind. It is so enticing that you jump into it. Like diving into an ocean. It colours your perception.You see the world through it.

It follows you everywhere. Suddenly it goes into hiding. It does not show up when you have disbelief around, when you have negativity around. It loathes their presence.

But then it shows up, one fine morning, when things are chirpy. It brings along its friends Energy and Enthusiasm. You get back on the train of thought, again. This time it takes you on a roller coaster ride !

The essence of the ride consumes you and you realise imminent action is the only way through! The least you can do is to take the thought closer to reality, one step at a time. One tiny step at a time towards understanding it better. Act on the idea. Take the smallest possible action.

That is the least you can do for yourself. Work on ideas that move you, act on your passions. Push the idea a little up, every day, every moment.

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