Sorry I didn’t know you better

Your action is not the point you thought about something. But for me it is. For me, one day you decide to get angry and break bottles on people’s heads, you have flipped. You have gone mad. You decided to quit your job, why are you so impulsive? You came up with this brilliant idea to sell? How do you do it! You are going to marry that guy you just recently met? What the …?

I can’t get into your head, I can’t know what you have been thinking. I can’t understand what you are going through, until you talk about it that is. And when you act, that’s the point I can see. And I see impulsiveness. I see flash of brilliance. I see moment lapse of judgement. I have no clue that you have been thinking to do it all along. I had no idea you wanted to jump into the ocean for hours before you did. I had no idea you wanted to startup for years.

Sorry, for not taking you more than your actions. Sorry, for not listening to your brain waves when you were sitting silent and looking at the sky. Sorry for not knowing what all was going on behind those silent eyes of yours. Sorry for not knowing you better .

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