Survival Mindset : When nothing seems possible


When you are at your lowest. When you cant seem to get anything done. When nothing seems possible. When your very survival depends on what you do.

What you have NOT achieved means nothing. Focus on the next thing that needs to get done. You don’t complain. You don’t fuzz. You don’t get demoralized. You don’t back out. You don’t sit back waiting for something else to happen. You don’t wait for the right time. You don’t wait for your thinking to be complete. You look at all the things that you can do right now. And start working on one. You grapple with it. You do whatever possible to finish it. You then move on to the next thing.

Confidence is a wrong indicator. Confidence focuses on you. Survival focuses on your actions. Even when you think you are not good at something, you can still plunge into it wholeheartedly and stick to it. Actually you plunge into something because you are not good at it. You do not have to think that you are great at something to want to do it and to enjoy it.

Fear is not your enemy. Invite fear into your house. Fear keeps you alive. It keeps you thinking . Keeps you energized. Every time you find fear lurking at the corner of your heart invite it to the party. Drag it out for all your being to realize and see.To know what can happen. To realize what you are up to and what are the stakes. Fear keeps you focused. If you face fear about something, don’t try to comfort it. Don’t try to solve it. Let it flow. Let it linger. Hug it, once a while. Fear is not your enemy, it’s your friend.

The one power you have always got. Irrespective of who you are, where you are from, what stage of your life you are in, you have one power. That is the power to do what you can do. Anything and everything, minute after minute. Hour after hour. Nothing else. Attack what you can do right now. Write even if you think you are not good and no one reads. Talk to customers even if no one wants to join your team or invest in you. Don’t wait to architect the best solution. What you can do now is better than what you can do better the next hour. Do what you are aware of. Stop chasing invisible things like success and validation. Use your power, now.

Anything is worthy doing than not doing.You can’t do anything about your mental ability. Or you can. You can’t change the way you were brought up. Just put your head down and do what you can right now. And at any point there are several things that you can do. Don’t ask me what. Ask yourself. And don’t put any constraint on it. Like it has to be good, should have chance of success, it should be worthy doing it blah blah blah. Anything is worthy doing than not doing.

Desperation helps. You think you have options in your life? You feel you can choose what you can do and what not? You don’t. Just look around. Its the people who are desperate who achieve. From Walt Disney to Steve Jobs. People try more things when they are desperate. Why? Because desperation will what make you survive. You will do anything that you can do to keep yourself alive. You will try all paths. You don’t leave anything to chance.

Survival mindset is a choice. You can choose to live your everyday as if your survival depends on it. People in sense of urgency know that not a single path is unworthy. People change their lives based on sense of urgency. An accident triggers people to do awesome things that they never imagined they can. For others its a loss of job or a close one. And people start thinking today as the last day of their life. Survival mode brings you energy. Helps you disregard fears that are nothing more than a facade to laziness.

Your hunger drives you. Create a hunger for life. Create a hunger for opportunities. Opportunities to grow to learn, to create value, to be fulfilled. And you will find how the experience enriches you. And that creates more hunger. Enriching food makes us enjoy our food. Enriching experiences makes us enjoy life. And you get there by being on survival mode. Not being on civilian mode.

History has always favored the restless. People who seize the opportunity now. Not tomorrow. Not later. Not after the beer party today. Work life balance is for people who hate their work or life or both. If you want to build value, realize new opportunities, there is no balance. Only endless search for creativity. It is about what you can do now to improve your chances.

You grapple. You fight . You struggle. You don’t distract. You are face to face with the demons. You do not give up. You stick with it. And you enjoy it. You go against the odds . You enjoy the learning, trying your hand at something and also the struggle. You enjoy coming face to face with challenges and finishing them. Then you find something bigger, to fight. Something better and it goes on.

Survival mindset is not about success. It is not about getting on the podium. It is about being the fearless warrior. It thrives on taking up the world alone. It is about being the best person you can ever be. And when you find success, you just choose a bigger opponent and a better battle. The fight never stops. You want to know if things would get better with time? No one can say. Survival mindset is not a cozy room for you to find comfort in. But it will keep you on the hunt. It will be brutally honest with you. It will keep you on your toes. It will keep you alive.

When the path is as rewarding as the destination you don’t feel tired. Or want to do anything else. You sacrifice your free time and create opportunities. You don’t get stuck in the comfort zone. You find something interesting, do it, achieve it. Then you start again, from scratch.

The focus is on what you do. You do not have time when you have to prove yourself to everyone.You don’t think about effort or time . You just think about what you can do next. The focus changes from who you are to what you do. No one cares how different you are, how special you are. Stop thinking about what others think. What matters is what you contribute. Just looking different and unique does not creating meaning. Value creation does. Its not about you. Its about all ways you can live and experience life and create value for others. Give a go at your life. Give life a chance. Live life actively. It is not about making you a better person, its about making your actions better.

Failure is about the actions you took, not a reflection on you. You are just a mean sum of all the things you can do and create. When you do nothing you do deserve nothing. You do what all you can and just not focus on anything else. Feeling uncomfortable is not a feeling of incompetence or non confidence. Its the push to do everything possible within your reach.

You knock on all doors and windows. You just don’t knock with your hands, you knock with your head, with your whole body. You read. You think. You act. You create. You work on problems. You talk to customers. You talk with collaborators. You then repeat. Not relying on anything. Not hoping on money or reputation or legacy. The day you stop the grind is the day you die. This is survival mindset for you.