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Common sense says that the US economy does not need 11–15 million unqualified and poorly educated illegals. Only discriminators, Obama, or unscrupulous business owners really support that.

The country may require some highly qualified STEM graduates to keep competitive advantage with overseas companies; we may need, about 1–2 million laborers for construction and farm work type jobs; but the country does not need any immigrants to fill middle class jobs, as this group is suffering from high unemployment (distinct from Govt. unemployment claims), underemployment, low wages, or are financially struggling. It would be dumb to add to this group’s population, unless undermining their future prosperity is your plan.

This means having needs based immigrant quota like Canada and Australia. It also means opening up the STEMS quotas to qualified graduates, and opening up visas for those prospective immigrants from all countries who are waiting in line for unskilled jobs, and it means deporting the illegals already here.

To avoid continual invasion of the southern border by illegals, it will mean completion of the full border fence to manage controlled entry like all US port of entry controls. No other efforts have worked. The fence is the most cost effective and will have at least 99% effectiveness.

A clarification to the 14th Amendment is also required to avoid future misinterpretation of the intent for citizenship to be granted only to lawful citizens and permanent residents, not visitors or illegal aliens.

This is why Trump is has so much support.