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I sometimes get questions about going vegan with food allergies, and it’s a good question. I definitely relate to this one because I know what it’s like to have food allergies and how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re restricted when eating with other people or going out. I’m personally allergic to gluten, oats, and some random chemicals (think food dyes and aspartame) and I avoid all these foods in addition to animal products. …

The Sticky Waterfalls outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’m taking you back to Thailand with me!! I published a general vegan in Thailand post a few weeks back, but in this post I’m gonna get more specific about exactly what I ate in Chiang Mai. As always, I hope you’ll take something from this post regardless of whether or not you’re going to Chiang Mai soon; Thai food is so common in the U.S. and around the world (cause it’s so dang good!!) so hopefully you can also take the info I share to your local Thai restaurant.

All about Chiang Mai

Ok, so Chiang Mai is a place that I’ve wanted…

Hey vibrant vegans!

I’ve been vegan for over two years, and was even a vegetarian for a few years before going vegan, and I have heard each of these more times than I can count. Over time, I’ve developed standard and diplomatic ways of responding to these common questions (more tips on talking to people about veganism here!) and I’m super excited to share them with you all! Whether you’re a vegan looking for help fielding responses from friends and family or you’ve asked some of these yourself, I hope you can learn a bit from this post!

1. Where do you get your protein from?

This is normally the first…

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in the past few years, and one thing I’ve always taken care to reflect on is animal tourism. A lot of us know that Seaworld is wrong, we wouldn’t even think about going to a circus, and we’re critical of animal attractions. At the same time, there is animal tourism that may look humane on the surface, but is actually very problematic when you look into what’s really going on.

I wrote a very nuanced post about safaris a few months ago, because I do think that there are nuances to…

Hey vibrant vegans! Two months ago I went to Thailand to travel around and explore with a good friend. We went to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Krabi, and I gotta say that Thailand really grabbed my heart. I know I say this about everywhere I go, but I would really highly recommend putting it on your bucket list. My friend and I were able to eat some rad vegan food there, which is the subject of this post — here is everything you need to know about eating vegan in Thailand!

I’ve done quite a bit of international travel since…

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