Game Theory: Evolution of Cooperation by the Selfish gene

Why do we help our brothers and sisters? Why do we help people who are not in direct blood relationship with us?
The answer is Nash Equilibrium, the element of game theory, which evolved for millions of years with us.

In Nash Equilibrium (Game Theory) each player plays a best response and anticipates that their partner will do the same.

When we help, we do it as a reciprocal altruism (selflessness). When people, who are not in direct relationship with us are in need of our assistance, we shall “betray” them, but we help them with a blind faith, they would do us a favor in future (If we are likely to have a future with them) and to elevate our self-esteem among the society we live in.

But why we do really help our brothers and sisters? Is that, we would feel guilt because, when we haven’t do them favor, when they needed it most? since we are most likely to have a future relationship with them!!!

The answer is BIG NO!
It’s where the grand master of universe plays a unique role; the answer is “We have evolved to do so”. By helping our kin, (let’s say) who face a financial crisis, we actually help them, not because we are altruistic or not to help them overcome their financial debt so their children could lead a decent life, just because we have to survive. When we help our kin, we enhances our chance of survival the selfish gene), by helping to survive. Since, kins share their gene from their father, if our kin’s gene is passed on successfully (here, overcome from financial crisis), he is actually passing on your gene. The selfish gene!

I can help as long as the cost of helping others is less than the benefit i receive from your assistance.

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To learn more about game theory read “Good Thinking” by Denise D. Cummins