Using Car Stickers for Advertising

These days, advertising is very important for a business, especially with the rise and competition of technology and digital marketing. A company needs to figure additional and unique ways to promote itself. And, it needs to do so practically. Yea, right.

There really is a simple way to market your business: stickers for cars. Think about it. So many people get behind and beside a single car in the span of just one driving trip. Those areas are prime advertising space. Not utilizing them are simply wasting opportunities.

Bumper stickers and custom stickers for cars are simple, cost effective ways to establish brand recognition and advertise brands, services, and/or products. Best of all, they’re extremely cost effective.

Some Ideas

Here are some ideas for how to most effectively use custom car stickers:

• URL: advertise your company’s website. Such will direct potential costumers to your website, which is especially great if you sell products online.

• Symbols: use custom sticker printing to create a specific shape for your custom car sticker. Shape the sticker to reflect your products or ideas. If you sell shoes, design your sticker in the shape of a shoe. If you are marketing an environmental organization, design your sticker as the earth. Let your imagination guide you.

• Slogans: catchy, witty slogans always capture people’s attentions.

• Symbols and slogans: use both a symbol and a catchy slogan.

• Company Name: the most important detail. Name recognition is always your goal.

• Promotional Offers and Events: always appropriate, even for a bumper sticker. It still establishes name recognition and continues to advertise the company long after the offer and event are over.

Melbourne Stickers

Melbourne Stickers is the number one place for custom car stickers Australia and bumper stickers Australia. It can create any bumper sticker or car sticker you desire. The bumper stickers it offers are as follows:

• Vinyl Bumper Stickers:

  • Quality Permanent White Vinyl
  • Matt or Gloss
  • Up to three or Years Durability

• Premium Vinyl Stickers

  • Quality Permanent White Vinyl
  • Up to five years durability
  • Matt or Gloss

• Budget Vinyl Stickers

  • Quality Permanent White Vinyl
  • Up to three years durability
  • Matt or Gloss

• Clear Vinyl Stickers with White Ink

  • Quality Permanent Clear Vinyl
  • Up to five years durability
  • Gloss
  • White Ink Print

• Clear Vinyl Stickers

  • Quality Permanent Clear Vinyl
  • Up to five years durability
  • One to Full Colour Print
  • Gloss

• Computer / Die Cut Decals and Stickers

  • Five to seven years durability
  • Quality Color Vinyl

• 3-D Car Badge Stickers

• One Way Vision Car Signs

  • Quality Perforated White Vinyl
  • Up to three Year Durability
  • One to Full Colour Print

• Domed Stickers

  • Quality White Vinyl
  • Many Years Durability
  • One to Full Colour Print
  • Four-five day turnaround

• Aluminum Foil Stickers and Labels

  • Many years durability
  • Multi Color Print
  • Fire Rated Thick or Soft Aluminum Foil

All can be cut to any shape, come in any quantity, and most have a two-three day turn around (except where noted).

Just supply your artwork in Corel Draw; EPS, PDF prepress; or AI v.3 file and let Melbourne Stickers handle the rest. It uses its trusted couriers or Express Australia post for quick delivery.

This is only a sample of what Melbourne Stickers can create for you. It also offers custom label printing, as well as labels for wine bottles, plus much more. It also offers promotional products such as apparel, signage and displays, name badges, drink coasters, etc. Just visit its website for more information.

Get across your message; promote your brand and/or business. It’s easy with Melbourne Stickers.