MBOX to Outlook -The Underlying Difference in Terms of Accessibility

In the era of Email communication it is essential for a user to understand the underlying principles in terms of the format her/his Email client is using and what significant difference it holds. In order to better understand why one should use an MBOX to Outlook converter it is first essential to know what mbox signifies and what other file formats used by outlook such as the .pst and .ost formats signify.

The underlying difference lies in terms of the accessibility that these formats can provide. This also becomes a reason for you to take a decision if you want to switch over from MBOX to Outlook. The underlying difference based on which you should try considering if you want to use the MBOX to Outlook conversion tool is as follows:

Mbox stores the messages of your Mailbox in the original internet message format known as the RFC 2822 format. This data is directly accessible to users.

The other systems such as the Microsoft Exchange Server used by outlook saves data in .pst and .ost formats. These centralized databases are managed by the mail system and are not directly accessible to individual users.

Why Should You Use the MBOX to Outlook Converter?

The difference in terms of accessibility type becomes markedly significant in governing the decision pertaining to use of the MBOX to Outlook converter. The underlying reason being that while one is in the Internet message format accessible to users like the one used in MH Message handling system, the latter is managed by a mail system and is not directly accessible to users.

It is also to bring to your knowledge that there is a maildir mailbox format used as an alternative to mbox.

Do note before thinking of a conversion from MBOX to PST Outlook that mbox is a ‘generic’ term used for a similar and related file formats sued for holding collections of electronic mail messages for implementing the Sixth edition of Unix.

MBOX to PST converter: The Best Way if You do not Want to Use the Manual Process

There is a manual way of being able to convert MBOX to PST files. But, then a user needs to understand the simple fact that for huge or unlimited database or files it is better and advisable to use a converter tool such as the MBOX to Outlook tool. This is because of the fact that even though there is a manual way to do it.it, it might get technical or too cumbersome for someone who is not technically aware of all the details pertaining to such kind of a conversion.

If you are confident that you can do it there is a way for manual conversion.

Manual Process: a Substitute for MBOX to Outlook Converter?

If you do not want to get into the nuances of the things you have no idea about better use the MBOX to Outlook converter. However, the manual steps that can help you move from MBOX to Outlook are as follows:

In Microsoft Outlook Exchange go to “File”. Click to open “Import and Export” wizard. Click “Import from another program or file” and then click on “Next”. Finally click on the “Personal Folder File in .pst format” and click “Next”. Search out your file from the desktop by clicking “Browse” and locating it. Finally click on “Finish”. http://www.digitaltweaks.com/mbox-to-outlook-migration/