A phone and a PC in Swedish

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Your phone and PC in Swedish

There are many tips and tricks that could help you learn new languages much faster. Your mobile phone and PC is something that you know well and use very often, that’s way you can switch on the Swedish language on these devices. Let’s ingest new phrases and vocabulary!

One can do a wide variety of activities on his/her phone or PC. A whole bunch of new vocabulary will come quickly and easily and literally with no effort, once you change the language on your device. Check the bellow listed vocabulary and phrases connected with mobiles, PCs etc.

en mobil
a mobile phone
Jag behöver ladda min mobil.
I need to charge my phone.
missat samtal
missed call
att ringa någon
to call someone
att skriva och skicka ett meddelande
to write and send a message

Time for a little break. Breathe in and breathe out and relax … Let’s continue with emails and get in touch with connected vocabulary and phrases.

Vad är din mejladress?
What is your email address?
ett användarnamn
a username
ett lösenord
a password
Hur mycket mejl har du i din inkorg?
How many emails do you have in your inbox?
att svara
to reply
att vidarbefordra
to forward
att bifoga en fil
to attach a file
Spara som ett utkast
Save as an draft

Do you see how many new and actually beneficial vocabulary we can learn by changing the language on our devices? The best thing in making your devices “Swedish” is that you don’t lose the touch with the language and that is exactly what we need. Do you want more? Okey, I am going to add some more phrases for you:

dela på Facebook
share on Facebook
klistra in

We are gradually developing our Swedish skill-set and we are on the track, good job/bra jobbat! It is always difficult to learn new things but where there’s a will there’s a way. See the work through and maintain your Swedish skills regularly. Vi ses snart mina kompisar!


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