First phrases in Swedish

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First phrases

This lesson is dealing with basic phrases in Swedish. You will learn how to say “hello”, how to introduce yourself and express something more about you.

Our first conversation:

Henrik: Hej, mitt namn är Henrik. Vad heter du?
Louise: Hej Henrik! Jag heter Louise. Hur mår du?
Henrik: Tack, Jag mår bra. Hur mår du själv?
Louise: Jag mår också bra. Varifrån kommer du?
Henrik: Jag kommer från Sverige. Var bor du?
Louise: Jag bor i Paris.
Henrik: Okej, vi ses senare. Jag måste gå nu.
Louise: Okej, hej då.
Henrik: Hej då.

It doesn’t sound that incomprehensible, does it? Let’s read this conversation once more in English to make it clearer.

Henrik: Hi, my name is Henrik. What is your name?
Louise: Hi Henrik! My name is Louise. How are you?
Henrik: I am fine, thank you. How are you?
Louise: I am fine too. Where do you come from?
Henrik: I come from Sweden. Where do you live?
Louise: I live in Paris.
Henrik: Ok, see you later. I need to go now.
Louise: Ok, bye.
Henrik: Bye.

Perfect! We finished our first Swedish conversation. Now we can greet our Swedish friends, we can ask anyone what his/her name is and how he/she is doing as well as answering questions about his/her origin.

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