Love in Swedish

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This lesson is dedicated to all lovers and is going to present you expressions that could be used while speaking with your special someone.

We should stop beating around the bush! We need to know how to say I love you in the Swedish language! The below-listed expressions could help us express our feelings.

Jag älskar dig.
I love you.
Jag saknar dig.
I miss you.
Jag är så stolt över dig.
I am so proud of you.
Du är min solstråle.
You are my sunshine.
Du är den bästa i hela världen.
You are the best in the whole world.
Kyss mig om du vågar.
Kiss me if you dare.
Tack för att du finns.
Thank you for being here (thank you for your existence).
Du är mitt hjärta.
You are my heart.

Now it’s time for a little break. Breathe in and breathe out and prepare yourself for the second round which is going to show us other expressions and phrases that we can use while dating. Take a piece of paper and a pen and get ready. Let’s get the ball rolling again.

Blunda … nu kan du titta.
Close your eyes … now you can open them.
Det är ett fint namn.
It is a pretty name.
Vilken film vill du titta på?
What movie would you like to see?
Du är vacker.
You are beautiful.
Ska du göra något i kväll?
Are you doing anything tonight?

The list above is not a complete list of phrases, it’s not at all. However, I would like to add one more that could be crucial. Let me give a piece of fatherly advice and remember the following by heart!

Sa jag något tokigt?
Did I say something wrong?

Ok, I would say that this is enough for this moment. I hope that you like the lesson Jag hoppas att du tycker om den här lektion. See you soon Vi ses snart!

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