My house in Swedish

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My house

Hello and welcome again! Today we are going to learn new vocabulary connected with our houses. Get ready for another vocabulary-building lesson, let’s get the ball rolling!

We have a lot to do today, I am going to start with the general description of the house and home:

ett hus — a house
flera hus — several houses
hem — home

The word hem reminds me of a very nice Swedish phrase that may come in handy from time to time. It is as follows:

Borta bra men hemma bäst!
East, West, home is best in English.

Let’s continue with the basic vocabulary again:

en dörr — a door
flera dörrar — several doors
Stänga dörren till köket.
Close the kitchen door.
en dörrklocka — a doorbell
flera dörrklockor — several doorbells
Glöm inte att ringa på dörrklockan.
Do not forget to ring the doorbell.
ett fönster — a window
flera fönster — several windows
Öppna fönstret!
Open the window!

I am afraid that you will need more lists of paper than usual. This lesson is going to be huge I guess, there are myriads of new words connected with this topic. Let’s dig in!

ett tak — a roof
flera tak — several roofs
De lever under samma tak.
They live under the same roof.

Be careful with the difference in pronunciation of tak — roof and tack — thank you. The first one is pronounced in a longer way similar to mat whereas tack is pronounced shortly like platt.

en balkong — a balcony
flera balkonger — several balconies
Lägenheten var modern, ljus, med balkong och nära till skolan.
The flat was modern, light, with balcony and close to school.

There were lessons dealing with vegetables and fruit recently and that saves us lot of time right But we should know where one can grow vegetables or fruit/var kan man odla grönsaker eller frukt. See the table bellow to figure it out:

en trädgård — a garden
flera trädgårdar — several gardens
en blomsterrabatt — a flowerbed
flera blomsterrabatter — several flowerbeds

How many floors does your house have? This could be a tricky question and I personally like these small cultural differences. Do you count the ground floor? In Sweden you don’t. Let’s take a look at new words:

en bottenvåning — a ground floor
övervåning — an upper floor
en vind — an attic

Var kan man parkera sin bil/where can one park the car? This one is easy, the word garage is a French loanword used in many other languages — man kan parkera sin bil i garaget.

Here comes the last list for today. It is going to tell us the names of the rooms that we can find in our houses.

ett vardagsrum — a living room
ett kök — a kitchen
en korridor — a corridor
ett badrum — a bath room
ett sovrum — a bedroom
ett skafferi — a pantry
en städskrubb — a broom cupboard
ett arbetsrum — a workroom
en källare — a cellar

I hope that you enjoyed the lesson. There is still a huge pile of words and phrases that we don’t know but we are making it smaller and smaller every day. You should be proud of yourself! Keep up the good work, study regularly and do it with joy. See you soon beautiful readers.

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