Pronunciation tips for Swedish II

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Pronunciation tips II

This is the second part of the lesson dealing with pronunciation tips and tricks.

Hello and welcome back to MySwedish. Let’s finish the lesson about pronunciation today.

There is a nice rule that helps us to decide whether we pronounce words in a long way or in a short way. If there is a doubled consonant in the word we pronounce it shortly. Take a look at the table below and try to pronounce the given words:

att ligga — to lie
en liga — a league

The first one is pronounced shortly where there is the stress on the bold part of the word — ligga. The second word is pronounced in a long way where the “li” part of the word is pronounced same as the “lea” in the English word “league”

Let me give you another pair of words where we use the same rule as with the previous words:

att vila — to rest
en villa — a villa

It looks very straight forward but, there is always but, there are exceptions. The words below are pronounced shortly:

hem — home
fem — five
man — man
mun — mouth

The single/doubled-consonant rule works for these words as well:

glas — long
glass — short
att vara söt — long
att smaka sött — short
tal — long
tall — short
tak — long
tack — short

What should we take from these two lessons then? Firstly, we have hard and soft vowels which indicate how we pronounce consonants standing before them.

When there is a doubled consonant in a word it is probably pronounced shortly. We have to be careful with short words like hem which are pronounced shortly as well.

Last but not least, spelling and pronunciation is crucial. Words like glas and glass look pretty similar but mean different things and have different pronunciation.

I hope that you enjoyed the lesson and see you very soon with more lessons on MySwedish. Stay tuned, bye bye!

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