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Lesson 1 | Introduction

The first thing to do when learning a new language should be its alphabet. There are several special letters in the Swedish alphabet. Let’s go through our first lesson!

Swedish has some vocabulary similar to the English one, like mus for mouse or kung for king, but sometimes it is a bit tricky. Glass is not glass but ice cream, funny, isn't it?

Verb forms are normally constant, even if the person changes. That is what I like about it. I am, you are, he/she is would be jag är, du är, han/hon är. Generally speaking, Swedish is not that difficult to learn, so don’t be afraid of it. Let’s have a look at the Swedish alphabet.

The special letters in the Swedish alphabet

Det svenska alfabetet

A/ɑ:/ B /be:/ C /se:/ D /de:/ E /e:/ F /ɛf/ G /ge:/ H /hə:/ I /i:/ J /ji:/ K /kə:/L /ɛl/ M /ɛm/ N /ɛn/ O /u:/ P /pe:/ Q /ku/ R /ær/ S /ɛs/ T /teː/ U /u:/ V /ve:/ W /ˈdɵbːəlˈve:/ X /ɛkʰs/ Y /y:/ Z /ˈsæ:ˈta/ Å /o:/ Ä /æ:/ Ö /ø:/

The special letters in the Swedish alphabet are:

  • Å which is pronounced like /o:/,
  • Ä which sounds like /æː/
  • and the last one is Ö which is /øː/.

Another vowel that makes me crazy is O which sounds like /u:/ but not in all cases — morgon is pronounced /mor’on/ which is morning. That means you should be rather careful about the pronunciation and double-check it in order to speak properly.

Don’t hesitate to check-out YouTube videos to hear the Swedish alphabet live. You can try this one or any other link you’d like.

The goal of this lesson and your homework is to learn the Swedish alphabet by heart. Once you will know it, go to the next lesson.

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