8 common mistakes that keep you away from that ideal weight

Weight loss/gain is the one of the most common problems in today’s age. We owe it to the umpteen eateries, odd working hours, erratic food habits and lifestyle thus leading to something unheard of in earlier days – Stress!

In the midst of our busy lives, we often place our food habits as the last item in our priority list but the fact is that it does not need too much of a change to switch to a healthy lifestyle- thereafter weight problem is just a consequence.

8 very common mistakes which lead to a messed up food-style

  1. Not having some food (could be just a banana) within 30 minutes after you wake up in the morning – Due to this the metabolism rate does not kick start and stays low, thus not burning the food consumed the rest of the day that easily.

2. Not having a heavy breakfast – The food consumer before 10am is very easily digested and broken down over the course of the day and thus seldom results in fat. This must be the loaded nutrient rich meal of the day!

Moreover, the stomach has starved overnight and a heavy breakfast is needed to increase metabolism rate. Also, since 40% of the day’s calorie and nutrient quota is already fed to the body, it does not crave for too much food through the day.

3. Having a very heavy dinner – After a long hectic day, most people get time for themselves only during this meal and hence make it the heaviest one and that is the worst thing you can do to your body. The food consumed is most often converted to fat due to reduced activity thereafter. The body is not ready for digestion after 8pm and is instead ready to rest. It needs its break too!

4. Giving long gaps between meals – The body tends to consume food more than it requires if the gap between meals is more than 3 hours. It is important to have short healthy eats

like nuts and fruits (and not so called healthy biscuits :) ) in between meals to give the body the required nutrition and not unnecessarily over indulge in the next meal.

5. Not having enough water – The body requires. a bare minimum of 2 liters of water for several purposes including digestion. Most often thirst is mistaken as hunger and thus we end up eating something. We should ensure that we consume a glass of water every 2 hours, apart from regular consumption. Do not have water 30 min before or after your meals.

6. Eating too less carbohydrates and protein – In order to maintain a healthy and lean body, it is very important to maintain the nutrient ratio. By consuming less carbohydrates

and only protein, or by living on salads and juices for sometime, the body is put through unnecessary stress and it leads to tiredness, loss of energy, loss of muscle mass, and ultimately the body gets weaker. The weight lost in the bargain would not be of the fat but instead muscle and essential water loss and hence when you return to a regular diet, it would most often return as before if not more.

Ensure that half your meal is good carbohydrates (hand pound rice, whole wheat, other millets), around 30% is protein (dairy products – cheese, milk, curd; dal/lentils, non-veg

which is not fried, nuts) and the rest of fruits and vegetables.

7. Do not have a meal post 8PM. Period.

8. Lack of exercise – Whatever be your food habits, 45 min exercise everyday is most important for the body to not only maintain a healthy weight, but also healthy body and mind. It could be any exercise you like (so that you are motivated to stick to it)- like brisk walks, running, cycling, yoga with minimum 10 sets of surya namaskars, swimming, etc. The more variety in exercise the better for the body and the more interesting it will be.

Exercise eventually will become a must awaited activity rather than a forced one :)

If your body can give you 24 hours of life-> you can spare 45 minutes for good blood flow, massage of all your organs and strengthening of your entire system and mind.

And if the above 8 points are followed, you can of course have your occasional desserts, chocolates or cheat eats but do not have it along with your other meals- eat it as a meal by itself and not after 5pm.

Weight management is nothing to do with crash diets and staying away from food.. it is to do with eating the right food at the right time and keeping your body/mind active always!

Eat Right! Stay Healthy! Stay fit!

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