I’d been held captive by him

Strangely, I never, ever tried to break free.

Aren’t caged birds always hungry for freedom?

Then why not me?

What made me try,

To build a dreamland of my own,

In that cage trapping me,

Like a cocoon?

How did I become,

Like the rabbit of a magician?

It’s strange you see?

But, it became enough for me.

The little black hat.

Didn’t it?

For he became my magician

So I became his rabbit.

Always with him,

His trusted little hare.

But never truly in his world,

Never truly there.

My magician had captured me,

He had chained me up securely,

But I can feel the chains now,

They’re breaking free.

I hear them whispering, to me,

Leave this prison,

And run rabbit run,

Run to the horizon.

But I’m afraid, for,

The cost of my freedom,

My sweet freedom from confine,

Is my heart, which fell hard,

For the captivator of mine.