Andela Bootcamp week 2 Day 2

Just like all other days, a day at Andela begins with warm-up games, mostly teaching concentration, attention to detail and ability to comprehend when rules/instructions increase. Truth be told, I got eliminated early in some. The exercises aim to relax the mind, releases tension and creates a platform for interaction with others.

We learnt about speaking to be understood as an important tool not only in pitching and product sale but also life. We identified individuals that are great speakers and concluded that they embody skills such as clarity, audibility and good choice of words (considering their audience) in their speech.

Today is day 2 of the projects. Everyone is working continually to develop quality applications and yet beat the clock. Despite most people doing different projects and tight schedule, guys are owning up the development journey of their colleagues and giving all the help and ideas they can, which makes me sense no spec selfishness in anyone.

It’s been a really intensive process as earlier warned and my body is beat. The thing that nudges me forward is the fact that I committed to a process and I must do it well and work on it till its complete. Until then, the dust hasn’t settled, we keep moving forward until it’s done.

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