Innorobo is an international event focused and dedicated 100% to robotics ‘and all disruptive innovations from around the world, showcases technological innovations that offer solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges’. It has been designed to raise awareness on the human approach to robotics and technologies.

The Innorobo event brings together several ecosystems of educational leaders, decision makers, the media, engineers, researches and start-ups. Giving leaders from all industries the advantage to pick up the latest innovations and growth opportunities.

The Innorobo event presents a wide range of robotics and technologies through an exhibition, offering conferences and workshops, that open opportunities for growth and encourage the development of innovation as well as diversification.

Indeed, the Innorobo event has six major areas of robot applications, these are: factories of the future, smart cities, technologies and foresight, smart homes, medical health, field robotics and 3D printing. That not only unveil innovations but also allow the breakdown of sectors and interest to the visitors.

“At Innorobo, you meet passionate thinkers and doers, the people making the robotics transformation. An active part of the vast worldwide surroundings we have built over the years, they help accelerate emerging robotics innovations to market.” (Innorobo, 2016)

Around four hundred experts join the event from all around the world, including expert speakers, talking about mechanical engineering and new robot architectures, navigation, autonomy and sensors, software architecture and handling interactivity. As well as, getting to know prestigious and actively involved partners and audience.

The Innorobo event also helps the robotics transformation by offering a full range of packed services. Such as, exploring “how robotics will impact your business” They guide you and help you get a glimpse and or idea into the future of world. Also, experience “the time that has come to take an active stand in the robotics transformation. Searching for new clients, providers or partners.” Also, expand your business and last but not least excellerate your brand exposure and capitalize on a high end audience. (Innorobo)

This year, the Innorobo event will take place the 16th, 17th and 18th of May in Paris, France. MainBot will of course attend the most prestigious and biggest event on robotics and technologies. Having the advantage of not only attending but also the opportunity of networking with a high end audience and visitors. MainBot is eager to discover and interact with more than 200 exhibitions, conferences and leaders from all industries. As well as, learning from robotics innovations and the development of the new markets in this sector.

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