5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

The original function of the bridesmaid wasn’t to throw an amazing bachelorette party but to act as a decoy for evil spirits who may harm the bride. This meant that bridesmaids had to wear dresses like the bride’s, to better fuel the subterfuge.

Thankfully, this practice is a thing of the past, and the bride can now take centre-stage in her own attire, and leaving bridesmaids to rock their personal looks.

Here are five fabulous bridesmaid dress trends that — unlike silly superstition — will never go out of style.


The little black dress is by far one of the most popular and timeless bridesmaid dress choices — especially for style-conscious and money-minded wedding parties. Not only can the dress be worn after the big day, but most women already have an LBD in their closet, so if buying the dress is left to the bridesmaid, they don’t have to spend a dime if they don’t want to.

Short Stuff

Short and playful bridesmaid dresses offer up a stunning and practical solution. Because short dresses can transition more easily from semi-formal to super formal events, there’s a better chance your girls will get more wear out of their dress.


No rule says all bridesmaids have to wear the same colour. Dresses that run the spectrum of complementary colours and tones provide a beautiful backdrop for the bride, and the variation looks incredible in pictures.

Top Variant

While the skirt of the dress remains the same, allow each bridesmaid to select her own top. Off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, spaghetti strap or halter — the bridesmaids can choose the style they feel the best wearing.

Choose Your Own Adventure

While the bride is the uncontested star of the show, the wedding party should still feel great about their roles. One of the best ways to accommodate them is to pick a colour, and then allow them to wear any dress they’d like in that colour.

The best bridesmaids dresses aren’t often insanely fashion-forward. They don’t make bold statements. That’s not what bridesmaids are there to do anyway. The most timeless dresses are often the ones that bridesmaids simply feel comfortable wearing. A comfortable, happy bridesmaid makes for a confident, happy bride — and that’s the point of being a bridesmaid: to help the bride enjoy her day!