5 Pairs Of Shoes Every Man Must Own

Unless you’re a billionaire tech geek or in your nineties, you really can’t get away with owning one pair of running shoes and calling it a day. While you don’t need to go to extremes and own a closetful, you do need a few pairs of staple shoes to round out your wardrobe.

This guide to the five types of shoes that every self-respecting man must own will help you morph into the stylish, well-dressed he-man you were always meant to be.

1. Black Dress Shoes

Every man needs at least one solid pair of dress shoes to get by — preferably more to mix with different shades of suits. Black dress shoes will cover most of your basic needs, and they go with pretty much anything in a pinch. If you’re looking for a respectable, sturdy shoe, you simply can’t go wrong with black Oxfords. Smart and modest, they will have you covered for any formal event as well as work. Focus on quality and make, as you’ll probably get the most wear of out these shoes if you’re using them every day at the office.

2. Desert Boots

You might not have heard of desert boots — and no, they’re not boots that you wear solely in the desert — but it’s time you make them part of your wardrobe. Desert boots are a type of streamlined, casual boots that are lightweight and fantastic for all-day wear. They’re a shorter, low-top boot that will get you through most seasons in style. Try a pair of beige suede boots with cuffed jeans and a long-sleeved shirt for a casual but uber-hip look.

3. Sneakers

No, we don’t mean sneakers for actual working out — but you should probably keep a pair of those handy too, in case the fitness police call on you. Every man, teen, and child should have a pair of casual but stylish sneakers he can throw on in a jiffy on his off-days. It can be a pair of classic Chucks or a stylish pair of slip-on sneakers that feel just as good as they look. Whatever you opt for, make sure they’re shoes that are comfortable and work with a few different outfits.

4. Loafers

While you might have just gagged, loafers have come a long way since your grandpa’s time. They’re now the it-shoe for casual wear, and you really can’t argue with their unparalleled level of comfort. You now have so many types of loafers to choose from, but a fantastic and versatile option is a rich, brown leather shoe with simple clasps or tassels. This style makes them easy to dress up or down, so you can hit lunch with the guys and dinner with your lady friend later, without bothering to change.

5. Derby Shoes

Derby shoes, despite their fun name, mean business. They’re a dressy type of shoe that you can wear when your Oxfords are a little too much for the dress code, but they’re still relaxed enough to wear with jeans. Go for a simple design in a dark or neutral hue for maximum wearability, and pair them with jeans, chinos, or dress pants — never shorts or cuffed pants.