Poet : The First Rain

It’s September 4th, Jakarta today. The whole day was cloudy. Summer faded the heat, Fall brings the wind. I could still feel my sweat, but night is more friendly. I sleep in peace without 3 AM awake. I found the first drop in my exit of skyscraper.

Oh, puddle…

It covers all pavements. I realized It was rain on twilight day.

This moment is a choice.

Once, Song writer said…This 30 days will be passed. Just please….“Wake me up when September ends”. Fashion changed, vibrant to monochrome, and print to black.

New York screamed, Los Angeles dimmed. Then, the artists paint the canvas……Pick purple instead of blue. Abstract instead of realism. Words speaks sad, broken, silent, and shattered. In the medium of sorrow.

From 1950s France By René Maltête


If September is tv show, it’s exciting because it will be a new season. If love is blooming, September could be very romantic. Virgo who is loyal, try to be friend with Libra, crafts a harmony in few days. If dream is living, there’s always a hope. If memory lane is beautiful, it’s great nostalgic time.

September could be intersection. Turn left, turn right, turn back, pull over or keep on going. The day after, It’s day that I knew……Rain have just stopped for while. Just like sign of the times….