The One Where I Attempt to Launch a Course on Analog Travel Memory-keeping

Okay, this was totally inspired by Jason Zook’s 60-day journal leading up to BuyMyFuture (now BuyOurFuture) #disclaimer

The thing is, I love writing about blog + biz + entrepreneurship but that’s not necessarily my niche. So, I’m creating this Medium blog / publication / journal (totally not familiar with the lingo) to document my current creative + biz project.

Cliffnotes: I’m launching an online course on analog travel memory-keeping using the pocket-page method: Craft Your Travel Story.

In this log, I will document the whole planning, marketing, creating and launching process for Craft Your Travel Story (CYTS). I will update this daily (just adding to this log) with what I set-out to do, what I accomplished and any other notable events regarding CYTS.

It should be fun, right? Let’s do this!

What I have right now

Pre-Launch List Building efforts as of April 3, 2017:

  • I have started publishing epic blogposts on analog travel memory-keeping and analog memory-keeping, in general. So far, I have published two epic blogposts.
  • I have done two pitch-free webinars on analog travel memory-keeping topics. It has helped me grow my list so far by ~100 but the turn-out and engagement for the live webinar is low.
  • I’ve started 12-day Instagram livestream series called #dailytravelpages to create hype and buzz around analog travel memory-keeping. It’s just a casual memory-keeping session where viewers can watch me build my travel album layouts from scratch, as well as ask any questions they might have. Day 1 turnout is okay, we’ll see how this goes!

Pre-Launch efforts as of April 3, 2017:

  • I have created the Coming Soon landing page for CYTS using Squarespace:
  • I’m 80% done with the free five-day email bootcamp — Travel-keeper Bootcamp — that I’m using as the opt-in freebie to generate leads for CYTS.

April 4, 2017

Today’s Tasks:

☑ Finish the content for the Travel-keeper Bootcamp

☑ Go live on Instagram later for Day 2 of #dailytravelpages

☑ Send out emails for guest blogposts and JV webinars