Best internet service provider in West Africa, Best data network solutions in Nigeria, Broadband and internet in Nigeria

MDX-i’s state-of-the-art, enterprise grade, Cloud hosting infrastructure, allows you to swap your old Capex intensive IT model for a new, agile Opex-based cloud model. Designed and implemented in partnership with global leaders in cloud technologies, MDX-i boasts enterprise grade and unprecedented service levels that add good value to your business. With the Data Center located in West Africa, connectivity service levels is better guaranteed as your latency times are drastically reduced. Our flagship Cloud Product IaaS, is designed to provide subscribers with Virtual Infrastructure Capacity, including Compute (vCPU and Memory), Storage, Network and Security to subscribers. Subscribers can create Virtual Machines, manage and monitor their own virtual environment with the allocated resources.

MDX-I’s enterprise grade cloud infrastructure platform provides subscribers with stable and reliable cloud services. The platform is built to support major hypervisors and applications with little or no need for modification.

MDX-I has invested in enterprise grade infrastructure and services in order to provide stable and reliable cloud services at a cost effective price to enterprise businesses.

Our flexible platform incorporates various options to enable cloud hosted solutions specifically for enterprise businesses.

Our experienced In-Country Cloud Operations and Support team have been trained to specifically support all your needs 24/7/365, while our technology partners are on standby to provide assistance when required.

MDX-I provides local support and insights that are invaluable to the success of cloud deployment, network, security and compliance requirements and ensuring data sovereignty.

Logically Isolated/Dedicated Compute:CPU and Memory combinations that give you the most flexible server options.

High Performance SAN Storage:

Provides fast secure access to stored data

MDX-i’s Capacity grade Storage are optimized for low IOPs systems typically for files services, archiving and backup.

Performance Storage optimized for medium to high IOPs environments, typically database and critical applications


Enterprise grade logically separated Network is provided through software defined network configuration and ensuring exclusive access to your resources always.

1 Public IP provided by default, additional IPs can be subscribed to. Private IP range available in single or multiple subnets.

Dedicated network access option for additional security.

Access to MainOne’s Leased Circuit and/or Internet Breakout services with open access to 3rd party networks


Service provider grade security includes firewall Software-defined security, Secure VPN Access and IPS,

Ensures higher level of security than on-premise.

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Nigeria (Port Harcourt)- +234–1–342 2000

Ghana — +233–302 744 030

Mauritius — +230–212–9800

Portugal — +351–926–371–059

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Best internet service provider in West Africa, Best data network solutions in Nigeria, Broadband and internet in Nigeria

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