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This week we are going to take a look at a special Brands We Love boutique shop that uses Instagram to promote their services they provide for other brands. If you have ever held a work of letterpress art in your hands and know the power that this type of print craft has, you are going to fall in love with Swell Press Paper. Based out of Manhattan Beach, CA, Britt has done a beautiful job of showing off her client’s orders she creates for them.

For anyone who is NOT familiar with letterpress printing, you are sure to fall in love with the craft after seeing the Instagram account of this week’s Brands We Love.

Let the Color Pop

The color palettes used by Swell Press Paper for the typography that gets printed as well as the dyes used on the sides of their business cards is something that gets highlighted in on their instagram account and makes them stand out. The most effective way they have done this, is by having almost all their backgrounds to the photos a stark white. In another one of our most recent Brands We Love, we took a look at how bright vibrant patterns can make an effective and consistent background for your products, where Swell Press Paper does the complete opposite. This puts a focus on the beautiful inks and lettering that makes Britt’s products so unique by keeping her backdrops minimal. What details in your own products could you find a way to highlight in your Instagram posts that might not be shown in an average product shot?

Bright neon colors are Britt’s specialty, which is clearly displayed through her Instagram feed.

Bringing her Clients Ideas to life

Credit was given to the lettering artist that provided this beautiful script.

Many of Britt’s clients are couples getting married. With each “save the date” that she creates, she helps tell their story. Without her clients, there would be nothing to show, so every one of her posts tells her brand story through the work done for each order. On her collaborations with letterers and different businesses, she gives credit to them to cross-promote. The stories that are told are just as light and uplifting as the colors found throughout her feed. Do you offer a product that is more like a service? Telling your customers stories is a great way to connect with your own followers.

A Personal Touch

Swell Press Paper could easily just post Britt’s completed orders and have followers ogling at her beautiful work, but she humanizes her brand on her instagram account and gives it a personal touch. Our favorite way she does this is by showing off her paintbrushes that she uses to add special hand crafted details to her prints. This shows that each piece of incredibly printed paper gets special attention and it also adds value to her services. It’s worth it to add this special touch to your own items in the form of some sort of tag, special letter when shipped, or other unique personal detail that will delight and impress your customers.

Great example of showing the process and “Personal Touch” that goes into her orders

Tasteful Display

Sticking to minimalist layouts, Britt still gets creative with her photo layouts.

The Swell Press Paper posts often feature unique and different layouts. Sometimes that involves throwing in a bit of holiday spirit or a few colorful items to set the tone for the post, but each one is bright and true to the overall feel of the page. With each minimal layout, the fine details are shown and Britt refrains from adding clutter to the shots that could distract from the colors and the details being shown off on the cards. Try to make the photos of your own product look carefully thought out when displaying them and get creative with different layouts. There is some great inspiration to be taken from the Swell Press Paper Instagram feed, even if you aren’t in the printing business.

Does your product happen to have special details that can be highlighted by social media? This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the final product, but perhaps you can reveal a bit of the careful process that goes into each piece that your customers are purchasing. Look for opportunities to tell your customers stories and if you need some inspiration for beautiful displays of work, follow Swell Press Paper as Britt continues to craft works of print art.

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