Make “Mobilegeddon” a Win for Your Business

In 2014, 30% of all searches came from a mobile device. This year, that number has already doubled, increasing to over 60%. More than ever, your customers are using mobile devices to find and interact with your business, and this trend isn’t going to slow down.

What does this mean for your business?
It’s time to embrace mobile. Research shows that 57% of mobile users will abandon your website if it is not optimized for mobile devices.

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware of the recent buzz around changes that Google is making to encourage more companies to adopt “mobile-friendly” websites. These changes could cause a big shuffle in search results, which is why some have dubbed it “Mobilegeddon.”

But don’t let the name scare you. The truth is, these changes will ultimately be a win-win situation for both businesses and consumers alike. Smartphone users get easier to read websites, which could drive more customers into your business.

The question is, how can you know if your website is doing its job of providing potential customers, regardless of where they are searching, with the information they are looking for?

Testing your website is simple, with this handy tool from Google: Mobile-Friendly Test.

You can see the difference between what Google deems to be a mobile-friendly website vs. a non mobile-friendly website below. These sites are for the same restaurant, but one does not read easily on mobile devices while the other one passes the test.

The reason the second website gets the green light is because it’s built with our mobile-friendly HubSite technology that creates a landing page extension of the restaurant’s non mobile-friendly website — fully equipped with testimonials and a click to call button.

For those who don’t already have a mobile-friendly site, a HubSite add-on is a simple and cost-effective way to make sure that the most important information about your business is easy to find when customers are searching for you. These mobile-friendly landing pages are designed to drive customers from social media websites straight to your business.

If you’re curious to learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at 888–900–0920 with any questions you might have. Our local marketing experts are always on call to make sure that your business is reaching as many customers online as possible. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

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