Thriving at Main Street Hub

At Main Street Hub, we have seven core values that create the foundation of our culture and that our team members live every day. If you want to know how to thrive at Main Street Hub, check out what some Hubsters had to say about our values and why they’re crucial to being successful at Main Street Hub.

Reverence for Local Business: This is our primary value. We treat customers and prospective customers like the local heroes that they are.

Win-Win-Win: Our team is built on the concept of a win-win-win, where customers succeed, individuals succeed and the team as a whole succeeds.

Challenge Ourselves: We commit ourselves to improving our performance and pushing through our comfort barriers by setting aggressive goals and achieving them.

“Challenge Yourself … in terms of how much you can offer, but also in terms of your perspective. It’s important to challenge yourself to jump outside of your comfort zone.” — Sarah Milbrath, Product Marketing Associate

Take Ownership: We hold ourselves accountable for our choices and results.

Elevate Others: We lift up our customers and teammates, through positivity, confidence and graciousness.

“There is potential for everyone to be super competitive with each other to try to be better. I would say more so than trying to get ahead of each other though, everybody works together for one collective goal.” — Becca Chavoya, Team Lead, Content Specialists

Speak Up: We know candor and constructive dissent are critical to our success.

I am Main Street Hub: We each represent Main Street Hub through our decisions and actions.

Find out for yourself what it means to thrive at Main Street Hub! Apply here to live our values and level up your career:

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