“90% Of All Injuries From Bombs Is Caused By Flying Glass.”…By UK Police

Bomb blast protection filming is used in the manufacture of glass doors and windows have the ability to hold in place all the pieces of glass together when it breaks. This gives protection during explosions, criminal damage, bomb blast or even accidental breakage of glass materials in the houses.

Just one jagged splinter of glass is enough to kill someone or maim.Whilst window film will provide an extra layer of valuable protection, applying the film in conjunction with an attachment system will deliver the most comprehensive security available. Such systems work by anchoring the window film to the window frame so that in the event of an explosion, the system holds both the film and the window in place, mitigating the potential impact of the blast.

Bomb blast window film is the least expensive option to offer real protection in the event of a bomb blast close to your facility. It is highly effective — remember that most casualties in a bomb blast are caused by flying glass. With a blast mitigation solutions, the cost escalates substantially with additional resiliency required. Cost can vary due to the type of building, the design of the windows and the type of threat faced


Not many window damages require full replacement, in fact,you will usually be able to find an appropriate repair solution, particularly if you contact a window repair professional.

Wooden window frames can easily suffer from moisture and weather damage if the wood has rotten to the core; this calls for an entire replacement, whether it is the window sash, the rail, the mounting bar, the window jamb, or the entire frame. If broken, smashed panes, broken hinges, misted glass, broken locks, broken handles, windows adjustments, broken rubber seal, trickling vents and question of extra security occur, certain action must be taken in order to avoid dangerous outcomes. The safest solution is to seek a full repair service from professional window repairers.


It is important for people to choose the right toughend glass supplier to ensure a complete safety of their residence or commercial set up and also for the successful completion of a job. Therefore, some criteria should be drawn up in order to select the best supplier around Hertfordshire, London.

Toughened glass suppliers can either increase client base of windows repairing service providing companies by increasing the production rate of glass, their delivery on time, offering discounts and other perks to companies or can decrease the client base by providing low quality glass and charging unnecessary amounts