Spirituality in 2017

It’s never been easier to postpone contemplation of the afterlife. A proven strategy? Start generational warfare over values and avocado toast.

Social unrest and nuclear war tend rejigger one’s value structures in short order. Maybe that will change us soon.

One’s own parents aren’t included, of course. Per their suggestion, you should climb the corporate ladder and race past the rest of us. That’s better than your dream job of living as a freelancer. Don’t go and sell artisan tribal jewelry while living in Cape Town.

If you disagree, post a status to test how crazy you are. To export one’s self worth to the internet is no longer a risky strategy. Less so for those adept at digital marketing. We’ve all pretty good at filtering and targeting our social content.

If you lose friends, go build a funnel and find more. Reduce your life to a stack of transactional, two-sided marketplaces. Better A/B test and optimize your dating profile! Lots to do.

We are underwater now, aren’t we? Underwater cities are fine, though. Boats could be more fun than cars. Driver-less boats would be cool. Amsterdam is cool.

You are not welcome to criticize the flag. You are encouraged to ignore the lurking suspicion that some of this should have been solved by now.

Then again, it’s 2017. Should is the shortest path to cognitive dissonance.

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