I Accept Your Challenge.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Everything In Its Right Place

Jon Westenberg, I appreciate the thoughtful response, but I’d encourage you to not drop the “life-hacking” and/or “self-help” pieces entirely (or reduce it greatly). You obviously have a niche in this category and have gained success. Don’t give that up because of a few critics.

There is room for both the quick-hit pieces and the deep thinking longform reads. I personally make room in my life for both, both as a writer and as a reader. And both types of pieces have enhanced my life in some way.

I encourage you to build, not to subtract. Since it seems that some of your current work come more naturally to you, I think there is an opportunity to perhaps do those pieces relatively quickly and then give yourself time to do the stuff that requires more deep thinking.

I confess the title is clickbait because I think many will know the reference. But this song came to mind when I started to start this response. It’s the perfect song for deep thinking and writing.

I wish you luck in your writing journey.

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