I ran to the bathroom trying to hide in my own little universe. I’ve been in here for almost an hour and I’m running out of things to think of, and I remembered a friend told me to write. I already googled all the heartbreak, dumped, living with an ex, and how to stop stalking my ex and his new girlfriend. Well my searches are not helping. So here I am now listening to depressing music while sitting on the toilet.

Before you judge, please I beg you to keep in mind that I have never been that good at making reasonable decisions nor am I a writer. So sorry for both especially if you’r actually reading this. On the bright side I’m exhausted of feeling pain and I’m trying to do something about it.

First, I need to figure out how I ended up in a new city that I know absolutely no one. I have my bachelors degree but I wear a hair net to work. (I’ll take a moment here to apologize to the Pizza Hut server with a Mathematics degree. I’m sorry I pitied you for years. At least you don’t wear a hair net) Anyways continuing my self pity party, I lied I do know a few people here. Three people from my hometown that hate me, and my roommate who is also my ex. Did I mention I’m still madly in love with him, and that he has moved on which makes sense since he dumped me a year ago?

Growing up my life has always bee difficult. All I have ever known is drama and disappointments mixed with just enough accomplishments. Yet I always seem to be in some life changing, drastic moment. Writing my past, present and future will hopefully help me achieve happyness and most importantly the peace and love I always mourned.

This is the beginning and my present…