Now its happy to say “ i have done Msc Development Study from University of the Punjab”…..

After my graduation i wanted to get admission in University of the Punjab Lahore Asia’s largest university as it was my childhood dream also to access university and specially Punjab University.During my schooling as it is the bright time of a person’s life when he or she is free from the most of worries and decisions of life and not interacted with the very tough realities of future….

Well after graduation in Islamic studies and two languages (Arabic,Persian) after Fsc premedical i was very much confused about subject selection ahead in my MSC as wanted to get chance in Punjab university fortunately so it was quite tough for me when i get disable to get admission in English which was my First love after dreaming MBBS which was not possible with low marks in FSC. I purchase more than 4 prospectuses of PU’S different departments and tried to get suggestions from successful people around me but was not satisfied about a lot of different suggestions, after this scene my father’s friend who were Pu employee in main office they introduced me with Development study which was a new discipline and he tried to make me satisfy with good job opportunities in the field and finally i went for it and choosed Development study for my Master’s degree.Now i am graduated and i have more confidence with this field and a lot of multiple experience and learning and when i says “i am Msc Development Study from University of the Punjab this sentence makes me happy and confident ever ,so i can say it is right to say this and ever IN SHA ALAH.

With the title of Development expert this field of study deals with Development economics and most of people may be don’t know about this field very much.Pu introduced this degree recently two years ago in its “institute of Social and Cultural studies” and fortunately we are the 2nd batch of this discipline.Now this field of study with its specialization in development project management and economics their combination with multiple subjects deals with economic,political,environmental,social sciences gives a big opportunity to enjoy and learn very well these all fields.We are hopeful IN SHA ALLAH incoming years will give more worth to this discipline and will have more multiple opportunities in the area of development(national and international).

Muqaddas Aslam (Development Expert ISCS PU)

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