Communicating the career tips

In order to complete the project assigned by Amal team,I thought over a lot of ways that I could use to approach my friend in order to share the six tips for career development.Then I finally turned to a friend who wanted to go for PhD but she was not sure whether she will be pursuing an academic career or not.Moreover,she also remains passionate about developing new business ideas.

As taught in the course “6 Tips to Manage and Maximize your Career” ,I tried to make her realize that she cannot carry out with both of her interests at the same time.And I also mentioned her the point by Mr. Suhail that PhD students are used to looking at the things much more deeply and this is not applicable if you have to work as an entrepreneur.

Though she was initially a bit reluctant to think about it at this time,I convinced her to look for her real passion and her purpose in life.It will give her a clearer picture of her career.I also asked her to stay firm on the decisions that she makes today and don’t let others influence her decisions.

Moreover,she was also confused to choose between her two passions.So I told her that she needs to do an internship related to entrepreneurship and she should also try for a TA ship in the upcoming semester.This will give her some experience related to both of the options.Hence,she was quite determined to follow my suggestions and I hope that she will certainly consider them when taking her next steps.