Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

In order to apply the pomodoro technique to combat procastination,I decided to prepare for my quiz at university.I set an alarm on my cell phone to ring after twenty five minutes once I started.Hence,I began going through a section of my book.

It was not more than ten to twelve minutes when I found that I need to google a concept from my book.So I turned on my laptop where I saw a document related to my undone lab project.And then I began wondering about it until the alarm rang out.It was the time when I remembered that I need to prepare for the quiz.According to the activity,I tried to relax for three to four minutes and kept a cup of tea for myself.

Once again,I set the alarm to twenty five minutes and continued with my section.This time I decided not to touch anything other than my book.I just added question marks for anything additional that bothered me during the study.And fortunately I was able to reach twenty five minutes without being distracted.Moreover,I was able to complete most of the part.I just spent around five to ten minutes more to end the section.

I feel that the experiment was really helpful because I was able to accomplish at least something.It was not possible for me if I had not been thinking about this project when I got messed up.