Stop !! … Not yet Africa ...

Africa take off now… wait ..stop.. not yet!!!

We still have these not so African take off killer list to take care of. Slow or fast ,the kill eventually happens …by one or all of them …

A Warning .. wait, before you say, ..“ these are global illnesses…”…

Ushering a preschool trip to the ‘biggest’ airport, I was asked this question … “sir, how many people have ever been here”

Yes Almost true … The rest of the globe is already in flight even though coughing and sneezing. My advised guess is that the rest of the globe is on better medicines they already have. No I am not laughing at Africa, but to be clear, no magic pills for these …

Someone great said, “Don’t expect different outcomes when you keep doing the same thing over and over”
Then this double edged one, “Nothing comes from doing Nothing” … from someone else ..

So what is killing Africa .. we are still stuck on the ground.

Corruption — so deep that a grade rural school child already knows his end of grade level exam marks will not matter if they want to access the top rank high school unless the mum’s hairdresser’s cousin’s husband’s co-worker’s wife knows someone who is related to the school board chairman and for few coins the child is assured consideration … then the right color of a currency note in the right hands can bleach out evidence of wrong doing …

Marginalization — any form but topping is the tribe and women factor. Sadly I once visited a region that did not know the whole country was about to vote on a new president …and all female above 12 were already married off

Overly centralized powers — making all those going for leadership positions to first think of self before others since no one will ever get a job to be the control check for the other.

Pseudo democracy — a neighbor tells me “I voted and my candidate lost so I don’t expect the incoming government to now listen to what my candidate had planned no matter how good it is to entire population” … or in another eye …we will challenge everything, our hard stance is our right as the opposition sides … no matter how ineffective …

Great Idea killer — that one big wig that has already made his billionth coin in wealth now fully buying out then shelve all ideas !! …so killing young innovation. … so as not to loose out on his own line of income …

Young brains death — walk into the mall and see a sea of young consumers taking in all that is already made, but only 0.1% will move to be the next innovators, an even smaller percentage will ever end up creating for or supplying to the masses … phone in hand …headphones on … missing out … due to that made in Asia

False on development plans — short term or long term, the plans by African economies drawn on the unsuitable grounds of politics. A leader investing all the country’s plan into infrastructure upgrade that will not be well funded so borrowing double all over the globe to squander half …, yet ensure such projects span as long as am in the leadership seat … well … to ensure my re-election

Africa stuck in the take-off lane … never to take off…not true.The one surest way to stop doing something is to stop.

There is no science or study , research or government set up commission needed for any individual to stop doing a wrong. Stopping is a simple action to follow. I have seen it work well on roads, on websites, with children at zebra crossings, even a toddler gets how serious upset mom is when she shouts out a stop.

Shocking how on any Nairobi road fully fitted with traffic lights everyone only obeys the control from a traffic cop … otherwise its always a grid lock

So everyone simply stop that sickness today, then do it again tomorrow and …soon simple rules will be easy to follow.

And Africa’s flight can start with less weighing it down.

Ok … here comes mums voice …let me stop here.

You get the point…. STOP it.

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