Canvas Costumer Profile Template and Value Map Template

After completing the Value Proposition Design, it became clear to me that the lack of integration of all Harvard systems have much broader implications than I had initially realized. Besides making students waste precious time to update the same information in different systems and manage tasks and deadlines in all of them, it undermines the University’s ability to generate gain creators. Integration would allow Harvard to make personal recommendations to each student, ranging from online courses on and recommended courses for next term on my.harvard to research opportunities and career workshops. As a more general take away, the exercise solidified my understanding that databases are key for effective value creation in the digital era.

Additionally, the exercise allowed me to notice Canvas has several features I was not aware of (such as ePortfolio), meaning Harvard probably wasted resources to create low value tools. Instead of developing software to perform tasks several platforms already do better, integrating Canvas with additional outside tools, such as Google Calendar, Slack and Istudiez, would be a much more efficient way to generate tremendous value for students. Once again, the exercise was really useful to make me see practical implications of the concepts we have been debating in class.

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